There was a time
of my life
I looked forward to the
late show of the evening.
Every Sunday at nine o'clock
we quietly sat
and watched television.

It was like a must,
the perfect crime with a plan,
not another murder mystery
to be solved by the viewer. For the assassin…
this was his/her chance
to strike and move on unnoticed,
unpunished, evading the law,
or so he /she thought.

The police had a surprise
with a member of its own,
he was amusing, persistent,
a veteran in the force,
a psyche and daring to all.
He was aggressive to target the suspect
from early in the show.
His methods, his questions,
there was very little that he didn't know.

The police investigation
gave movies a new dimension
and a character was born

for a cop, his dingy raincoat
and a sense of intimidation
for the murderer that went wrong…
along the cigar's smoke
of detective Columbo.

By Emiliano Martin (







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