The Screen

"Quick! Hide behind the screen!"
So behind the screen he fled.
Thinking ' Her Momma is going to make a scene,
And her Poppa will kill me dead!'

In the corner he sat in a crouch.
He folded like a jack knife.
His joints creaked and he thought "Ouch!"
But silence could save his life.

He heard the door opening fast.
Her Momma's voice rang out clear,
"Olive, someone from your past
Would like to see you, dear."

"OK Momma, I'll be right down.
Please tell them to sit tight."
She put a robe over her nightgown
And he prepared for flight.

The open window showed a way
To escape from his sweeties room.
He didn't have a chance to pray
Just jumped into the gloom.

Down and down he went,
He landed heels over head.
Everything he had was bent!
Lucky he wasn't dead.

The screen had covered the view.
No wonder he was sore.
He had climbed the tree in it's true,
And forgot she was on the third floor.

© By Swampetta (

Screen My Calls

The massive man boomed "screen my calls." The little man inside him said, "Will she think I'm important?"

The trim little secretary in the stiletto heels didn't think of him one way or the other, but said, "Yes, sir." She didn't have to worry much - he rarely received a call. What worried she was about that one down the hall. He was so precious, so attentive, so appealing, and so married. Down-the-hall had tempted her to slip away and meet him for lunch. She was so straight-laced, but that was the problem. She was married to a cad. Her life was so unhappy, and she thought ill of her own allure, so she agreed to meet Down-the-hall.

The clock said twelve and she slipped out back. Wouldn't you know it, Massive Man got a call.

He yelled into his speaker phone, "I thought I told you to screen my calls," and the phone kept ringing. He picked it up.

On the other line was the company president. "Massive Man" I've been trying to get you all morning and someone is flipping off my calls. I keep getting the recorded answering machine." "Sorry, sir, Little Secretary was told to screen my calls, but apparently she placed the phone on "night service."

Meantime, Little Secretary, loaded down with guilt, stood up Mr. Down-the-hall, and sneaked back into her office, flipped open a stored Slim-Fast, and was sitting at her desk when Massive Man thundered out his door. "Don't you know how to screen calls? The president has been trying to get me!" ("Did I sound impressive, he thought?")

And she, for totally different reasons burst into tears and ran out the door.

Massive Man crumbled, for he did have a tender heart. When she returned, he put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Let me show you how I like my calls screened." And both Little Secretary, Massive Man, and Down-the-hall grew up a little that day.

© By Norma (

The Silver Screen

oh the days of the silver screen,
the days of roy and gene.
before tv, i would look forward to
saturday night and around the square.
we would walk and hope to meet a beau,
then off to the silver screen we would go.

© By Marilyn (

The Silk Screen

Teen daughter kept a "rebel" file
Her head chock full of notes mental,
So when Mom expressed a dislike,
A new note said "decorate oriental."

From that day on she collected,
Dragons and silks and fans,
Friends gave her cork carvings,
Oriental she had on her hands.

When she married her new husband,
He bought a three fold silk screen,
It folded in front of their fireplace,
A most beautiful screen to be seen.

Mom changed from Early American,
To Danish Modern and back again,
Now she loves all things oriental,
For daughter and mom are fast friends.

© By Norma (

The Folding Screen

There was a young lass named Rose,
Who behind a silk screen would change her clothes.

No powder room in the circa 1900 house could be found,
So changing behind a screen was for the modest profound.

Looking for his room, the traveler mistakenly entered Rose's door,
Finding a pile of her clothing upon the floor.

Never fear, her honor was not tainted,
For behind the screen dear Rose had fainted.

© By Phyllis Ann (

The Folding Screen

It was not until the 20ís and 30í then after the war that people began to put a clothes closet in rooms. Back in the days of yore a room was a room and it had a chifforobe for ones hanging clothes and a chest of drawers and a trunk for others.

A changing screen was common where there were few rooms and lots of people. You ducked behind it to change since there was not another room or bathroom in which to change oneís raiment.

Oh we had all sorts of those screens when I was a boy, but mostly they hid stuff, not for changing. But shucks the advent of window and door screen was the big magnanimous boon because it meant it kept the skeeters and flies out. What I always remember about those Virginia summers was; once we had been swimming at Frank Laineís hole and it started to rain. We stopped at Buster Hartbergerís to wait out the rain. It was nearly supper time and getting sort of dark and they had no electricity. As with most places that had coal fired stoves for cooking and heating the interior room walls were off smoke tinged.

But hanging in the middle of each room were two of those fly catchers. You remember the ones that you unrolled in a spiral that had the sticky stuff on them so a fly would land there and be stuck? It was very hot and humid as it was raining and this house had theses fly thingys hanging in the middle of each room. Heck I do remember they had a screen door but the bottom screen was out and there were none on the windows. Funny what you think about isnít it?

© By Tom (

The Folding Screen

Screens have always fascinated me
Such lovely pieces of furniture they be
Carved or plain, gilded or scrolled
Hiding, separating, secrets untold.

I always wished I had a place
To add a screen would add much grace
To a room that's that's missing a special touch
A folding screen would add so much.

© By Frannie (






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