Look at me with love, not with despair

Feel with your heart, I'm nothing to fear

Forgive my clumsiness, my lacking of grace

Look on me with patience, and kindness upon your face.

Be not anxious, when I try to speak

But praise my determination, it's my will, my faith

Forgive my memory lost, if I see you about

A smile, a warm hand, may bring back our last recall

Don't point a finger, don't pity me

Inside I'm a person, just like you

A person with feeling, hopes and dreams

My weakened limbs can walk no more

But the love I feel for life, is precious even more

So with my eyes to Heaven, and prayers in my heart

Keeping the spirit within me, in the paths I soon may cross.

By Marty (mjford19@aol.com)

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