There are not enough words to describe the meaning of life.
From its beginning to its end it is fraught with both happiness and strife.

There are not enough tears to cover humanity's ills.
They cling to us as the path of life we trod like water gushing over rocks and rills.

There are not enough people with compassion for their fellow man.
It takes a special person to love one another as in the command.

There are not enough clocks to tell the time we have left to live and enjoy.
Like the soldiers who leave loved ones when made to deploy.

There are not enough lessons taught from the parents of our land.
The cry of our young people raging in the streets shows houses built on sinking sand.

There are not enough buildings to house our poor,
And not enough medicine to even the score.

It is true that there are not enough of many things to make a better life for all.
But, who, when and where will there be an answer to the call.

By Phyllis Ann (







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