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Come Walk With Me

By Marilyn (

You may be in the mood for humor for this, or you may want to reminisce. Whatever the case, I hope you'll be inspired to submit a few lines.


"Come walk with me, Little Red Riding Hood. I'll accompany you to your grandmother's house. I happen to know there's a wolf loitering up the street and it might not be good if you're alone. Wolves, as you know, are usually up to no good."

"A wolf? I'm not afraid of wolves," she said.

"But this is a very bad wolf. He'll want your basket of goodies."

She pulled the basket close. "No he won't! These are cookies for my Grandmother."

"But this wolf is sly and you're a pretty young miss. He'll try and charm you by offering to carry your basket."

She paused, looked at me and frowned. "Well, he won't get it, and if you don't mind, I'm quite capable of taking care of myself."

"Whatever," I said and turned away. Poor Little Red Riding Hood.


Now it's your turn. Will you invite a family member to walk with you? A friend? The Jolly Green Giant? Mr. Ed? Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.


Come Walk With Me

By Sharon (

Come walk with me Grandma
I miss your smiling face
You're in Heaven I know
I'm sure you can keep pace

Come walk with me Mama
Tell me of your childhood
Yes you are with Grandma
As God planned that you should

Come walk with me Auntie
You are with me in heart
Some day I will join you
And then we'll never part

Come walk with me daughter
While we both can do so
Some time in the future
My time will come to go

Come walk with me Grandchild
You are such a dear love
Keep me in memory
When I am up above


Come Walk With Me

By Amy (

along the pavement, warm and dry
we walk along, my child and I
we look at flowers in neighbor's gardens
talking and chatting, begging our pardon

we see colors of red and blues
we see birds, and life anew
maybe we see a baby wren
eating a worm now and then

as we walk the sun goes down
my child's smile turns into a frown
i say what's wrong dear little one
my child says mom, this day is done


Come Walk With Me

By Joy (

We walk by the old house
On the way to town
The yard is a mess
The fence tumbling down

But the beauty remains
To someone in there
Who tends the flowers
With such loving care

The place may need paint
The leaves scattered and tossed
By the wind that has blown them
Around and across

We should stop and speak
To those who live there
They want to more than survive
And not see it so bare

The place used to be
A grand and lovely estate
With lace curtains in windows
And lawns that looked great

This will be the last time
I just walk by and away
I will go through the gate
And see if maybe I can stay

To help mow the lawn
Wash the windows with care
And try to make the old place
Look like someone lives there


Come Walk With Me

By Phyllis Ann (

Come walk with me my trusty friend.
We’ll walk oer moor and glen.

With you by my side, I have nothing to fear.
You are my companion, and always near.

Come walk with me my gentle guide.
You are loyal when walking at my side.

The weather is sunny and beckons us on.
Let’s enjoy the day before daylight is gone.


Come Walk With Me

By Norma (

I ask not a lot of thee,
You in your Chippendale chair,
Won’t you come and walk with me,
Prove to me for thee I’m fair.
Though we’ve grown gray and old
I watch thee bent in our summer garden,
Thou still my own Sir Galahad,
Thou kiss to me still ardent.
Hold my hand sweetly, dear
Hidden behind primroses,
Won’t you come and walk with me,
Ere thou or my life closes?
We will speak of memories,
When long ago we met,
Rekindle warmth and dreams,
When all was bright and clear and yet
To come.
Come walk with me.


Come Walk With Me

By Barbara (

Walk with me in the moonlight tonight
Let's hold hands and be like kids again.
Whisper sweet memories as we walk.
I love it when you talk to me.

Walk with me like we did forty years ago.
Remember those early days when money was scarce?
Before we bought the convertible?
We had that little apartment.

We used to walk a lot and hold hands.
You always knew how to make me blush.
Silly things we only half said aloud.
We knew each other so well.

The last time we held hands
I remember it well.
And that last M R I.
They let me stay with you and talk to you.

Funny how the sound of your voice
and then the sound of mine to you.
Hold my hand, don't let go.
Forever more, Hold my hand.


Come Walk With Me

By susi Taylor (

Clackety-clack, clackety-clack
Back and forth, forth and back
The little boy with a stick 'gainst the fence
'Causing my nerves to really get tense

He simply has nothing else to do
Hot summer day under skies of blue
Back and forth, forth and back,
Clackety-Clack, clackety-clack

I watched him from behind the curtain
Boredom personified, that was certain
What that little boy needed was a friend
Someone with whom some time to spend

I took my parasol and went outside
Walked to the gate, he stood, wide-eyed
Defiantly he hit the fence with his stick
With the toe of his shoe the dust he kicked

I went thru the gate, held out my hand
He looked at me quizzically, "what had I planned?"
I said, "Would you like to walk with me?"
"Let's go see what we can see."

The neighbor's dog, cocked his head
Looked at us, and as if he said
"Please, may I go with you?"
"Maybe I'll find an adventure too"

So the three of us went on our way
To see the world on this hot summer day
A small town offers not many grand sights
But we laughed and looked with great delight

The hours flew by as we toured the town
And finally time to turn around
We came back to the gate, contented, we three
Just because I'd said, "Come walk with me."


Come Walk With Me

By Tom (

“Come walk with me,” my wife said as I got home after a typical near maniacal Monday; “Come we must walk by Aunt Mary and Uncle Luke’s house,” she said with a big smile, and acting as if she were a little girl getting ready to go see Santa or the Easter bunny.

My feet hurt, my shoulders ached, and all I had thought of all afternoon was sitting in the hot tub with a couple ice-cold Foster’s; but with the wife looking so frisky and childish, I grabbed an apple and replied, “Lead on oh Queen eternal, let us sally forth.”

As we went out the back door I squeezed her bottom and she wiggled it and backed up; we both laughed and I put this in my memory bank.

We do not live in the best part of town, we do not live in the middle class section; we live off to the North east of town in a no man’s land of three to five acre places...none of which are landscaped that well. We walked down through town and over to the West side which was an older folks and very mixed area. Walked right on past the state capitol and the new state parking garage over to Snyder, all the while the wife was striding out and not doing much looking or talking, just walking fast.

“Hi Sam, see Mary Lou is leading you again, what you two doing over in this part of town, lost your dog?” Alfie Newberry yelled at me. Alfie works across the street from where I work. I gave a silly reply as we turned south on Snyder. After one block when she got to Snyder and 27th Street, the wife stopped looked and started talking to me.

“Look at that Sam, look at it; isn’t it gorgeous?” Her Italian heritage came through as she pointed and waved her arms. “Look Sam, look.”

It was an old house, an old frame house and it had an old fashioned wooden fence around the two street sides. There were flower boxes, old ones I might add, and they were filled with pretty blooming flowers. Nothing spectacular but as I stood and looked it took me back, way back to where I grew up. The wood in the fence and flower boxes was old rough hewn wood that had warped with time, and all of it needed a good coat of paint.

The yard was filled with well-trimmed trees, and the small amount of grass was manicured as you expected of Uncle Luke. Aunt Mary was a Flood and Uncle Luke was Jennings, descendants of two very old families. Of course they were descendants of slaves and had kept the master’s last name when it was signed. I was remembering when this little frame house was in the country, well not country but outside of town. The house had been built in the late eighteen sixties and had been upgraded with time.

“You see it Sam, you see it, doesn’t it just fit right in Sam? Oh it looks so good,” my wife was saying and pointing. I had no idea what she was talking about but as I looked about there was a small rose garden and on a tall post was a large stained glass rose; a very exquisite and beautiful stained glass red rose. It was about the size of a large dinner plate and below was lots of sprouting rose bushes.

“Is that the . . . ?" I started to ask.

“Yes, it is the one I did for the Diamonds and Denim ball auction,” she replied. “Dr. Hasbro’s wife bought it for a thousand dollars and then used it as first prize in the yard contest. Aunt Mary won and this is how she displays it, above her rose garden.”

“Tomorrow if you will remind me I will take my camera to work and come over here at noon and take a picture so you can put it with your other glass work pictures,” I said. My stomach was growling for I was hungry.

The wife walked down Snyder and then turned East on seventeenth; this was not the way home. “Where are we going, taking the long way home,” I asked.

“No, the Twin Dragon for supper since we are already out. It is too late to cook anything,” she replied. “You are taking me to dinner to celebrate.”

I just looked at her and shook my head since I still had my work clothes on and had not even washed my face or hands.


Come Walk With Me

By Swampetta (

Yes. It's the same old block.
The one we always walk down.
Remember when they painted the fence pink?
It became the talk of the town.

That spring and summer was really funny.
All the pink flowers there, wouldn't you know?
But by Winter, that flamingo fence..
Really stood out in the snow!

On the next corner, that empty lot?
It's not empty anymore!
They're building a little bungalow.
(Hope it's not a pizza store.)

Let's go one block over,
Just like we always do.
We've been walking the same way,
Since we were twenty-two.

Well, we do walk a bit slower now.
And our shoes are a bit orthopedic.
No fancy sandals and high heels...
The look would be comedic!

But we still can laugh and giggle,
And cluck like a pair of old hens.
Pointing out all the changes
Since we last walked out from our winter dens.


Come Walk With Me

By Jeanie (








Come Walk With Me

By Mary (

Bubby Mizrany
two years old
weight 90 #

Bubby, my Bubby,
you're my dream~come~true;
no pig~babe could be
any sweeter than you.

Come Walk With Me
root, eat grass and play;
run fast, my "Bitty~Boy"
ha ~ really make my day!

Oops, don't eat those flowers,
stay away from that antbed;
or your tummy will ache
your snout will turn red.

Stop, smell this flower
my sweet Bubby, do;
then gobble it down
this one's good for you.

Let's run to your place now
it is potty~time, sweet boy;
then popcorn for a treat
my darlin' pride n joy!

precious Bubby, dear swine;
daddy shares your affection
you KNOW you have mine:-)

Mary Carter Mizrany©
May 23, 2007


Come Walk With Me

By Marty (

Come walk with me,my Lord
Take my hand in yours
I'm ready to come home
My place is with you oh precious one
My life has been so wonderful
The love of family and friends
But my time for rest, has knowing come
My journey home, by Heaven's path


Come Walk With Me

By Lilly (

There was a knock on my door one day
Oh hello my friend, it has been awhile
Such a nice day and carnival in town
Want to come and walk there with me
Come in and wait while I get dressed
Then ready to go and knew it to be fun
Went every year and enjoyed my time
I said come walk with me here and there
Many sites and met many friends I knew
We had fun and then was supper time
Ate at my favorite Italian place, my treat
Talked about all good times in the past
A day of people watching and talking
Had good laughs and felt young again
Time to go home, tho not wanting to
Arrived home and thanked my friend
For the nice day and time we spent
There will be more times together
I will call you, we will keep in touch
A hug and goodbye and car went on.


Come Walk With Me To Bountiful

By Evelyn (

There is a Native American saying, “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” The memories of walks taken with loved ones and friends through the years have left tracks in my heart. During the course of a visit with relatives in Alabama in March, 1991, I picked up a walking stick and invited my family and friends to “Come walk with me!” Literally and figuratively, for ten days I walked up and down Memory Lane. The long walk retracing my footsteps to school was particularly meaningful for me.

Evelyn says, "Come walk with me!"

The trip was a joyful undertaking for my sister and me. When I invited Tom to “Come walk with me,” without hesitation, he squired Mary Ann and me back to our roots. Soon we were on our way for a ten-day sentimental journey inspired by the Geraldine Page movie, “A Trip to Bountiful.” Of the many walks we planned, the one with top priority was the two and one half mile trek between school and the old home place which we nicknamed “Bountiful.” In our growing-up years Mary Ann and I walked those miles each way countless times, rain, shine, or snow.

Mary Ann and Tom leaving for "Bountiful"

Cousins Ann and Therese were our allies on this adventure. When we parked our car on the street outside the church of my childhood years, it all seemed strangely familiar. Ann and Therese were there waiting for us. We set out on foot. The sidewalks seemed the same as they were so many years before, especially the steps with the iron railing that I remembered so well. It was a very warm day. Back home in Ohio there were still visages of snow on the ground while all around me flowers were blooming in profusion. The pink creeping phlox spilling over Pete Woerz’s long stone wall was like a velvet carpet. Soon we were on the Convent Road where we tried to recall all of the people who once lived in the houses that seemed pretty much the same. Where were they now, I wondered?

Rear of Sacred Heart Church
and Rectory
Cullman, Alabama

We walked and we talked. We reminisced. We passed what was once the Sacred Heart Academy and College run by the Benedictine nuns . We all had many memories to share of the nuns who had been our teachers and our guides through our formative years. I spent my early high school years at the Academy and they still claim me as an alumnae! In those hallowed halls postulants once flocked to enter the order of St. Benedict. No longer an academy or a college, it is flourishing under the name of Benedictine Conference Center..

Evelyn, Therese, Ann and Mary Ann
setting out on foot

As we walked, the day grew hotter, and the road grew longer. As soon as we passed by the exit of the conference center there were no more houses along the road. The next mile was a long stretch of road that ran through the woods and all down hill, as I remembered it. Only this time, the road was paved, not dirt. By the time we reached the bottom of the long “Convent Road” hill it was a relief to rest at the creek before we climbed the next hill. The bridge of concrete and steel was once a noisy structure of wooden beams and planks. By now we had been an hour on foot and still had a way to go. We huffed and puffed up the last hill and there it was. The old home place! "Bountiful!"

We're almost there!
"Bountiful" in sight!

In our school day years, the trek from home to school or church took an hour or less if we walked fast. After an hour we stopped counting! The road seemed longer and the hills steeper. Therese had arranged for her car to be at end of our sentimental journey. We had no intention of making it a round trip on foot!

During the course of our visit, I climbed over the fence and visited Great Uncle Tony’s grave in the woods. My Great Grandfather homesteaded the land in 1869. Uncle Tony cut his knee with an adz while building the family log house. He died from blood poisoning. There was no church or cemetery in the wilderness as yet so they buried him on a knoll in the woods. It is fortunate for me that most of the land homesteaded by my Great Grandfather is still owned and occupied by my cousins. They make me feel welcome and loved whenever I visit. I am grateful that “I can go home again!”

Evelyn climbs fence to visit
Great Uncle Tony's grave in the woods

I documented our trip to “Bountiful” trip with a priceless album of 300 pictures. Leafing through it, memories of that trip are as vivid as if it were yesterday. The joy with which we were received was overwhelming. Sadly, since that trip, twenty-four relatives, so vibrantly alive in 1991, are no longer with us. I’m glad we took the time to visit and show our love before it was too late. I would encourage anyone to do the same. Don’t wait until tomorrow. to simply ask, “Please, come walk with me!”

Don't walk behind me;
I may not lead.
Don't walk in front of me;
I may not follow.
Walk beside me that we may be as one.





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