Summer has come and it is hot,
Now I know what I am not.
And what will happen to the pot,
It won’t be lying on a cot.

Five inches of precip so far this year
And June is nearly in the books.
Water is oh so dear
But others do in it cook.

Dust a flying as a rabbit hops,
Not enough water on the yard.
Hours of watering seems a waste
Nothing lush except weeds in the place.

Work outside in the early morn,
Enjoy the sounds that are about,
Then when the heat builds up,
I take a whole lot of breaks.

Hundred or more just down the road,
Weather doesn’t follow any known code.
So hope a thunder shower brews up,
And does rain right here today.

Boy we need it in every way.
Summer time, work to do,
But maybe fishing I should go.
Or heck just eat a Popsicle.

By Tom (




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