Thank you for having the gentility
Not to mention my senility.
Give 'Bonus Points' for being old and gray,
Each time I mention, "Back in the Day.."

There are some things I remember now
And for that I'll take a bow.
What was important just last year
As of today, is not very clear.

Like my children, sweet little babies,
Today, a grown man and two middle aged ladies.
And my grandsons, those tiny young boys
Are now past the age for playing with toys.

The love of my life, stood strong and tall.
He'd come to me whenever I'd call.
Now his socks he cannot find!
Mostly deaf...but now he's blind?

But I have excuses, some very bold!
"I just can't do it, I'm getting old."
"Wish I could help you, what can I say?"
You should have seen me...."Back in the Day"!

By Swampetta (






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