Firecrackers and sparklers
The holiday is almost over
M80's and strings of ladyfingers
Dogs and cats run for cover

Marching bands go rhythmically by
American flags are streaming
Picnics are being laid out
kids are playing and screaming

A unique U.S. holiday
One of our very own
It's Independance Day by golly
And ours, and ours alone

But where did our patriotism go?
What has this day become?
A day of noise and noisemakers
Few celebrate with fife and drum

Three hundred million people here
How many celebrate?
This day has lost its meaning
To so many in the United States

So many nationalities
that America is diluted
Now it's dial one for English
Even language has become polluted

If you want to live in America
Then be an American, and be proud
To salute when the American flag goes by
When you're standing in a crowd

Speak English and hold up your head
As you come legally thru our gates
And America will open its arms to you
and say, "Welcome to the United States."

By susi Taylor (




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