They found him at his keyboard,
Decomposed at thirty-two.
For years, life had been ignored,
With nothing better to do.

He was hooked quite young, you see,
On video games and such;
At message boards, constantly,
With thousands, he kept in touch.

His eyes were first affected,
From too much time at the screen.
Nobody recollected
When the outside world he'd seen.

Pushing aside food and drink,
And never leaving the house,
His muscles began to shrink,
Except those moving his mouse.

He grew weaker by the day,
Living on the Internet.
Slowly, he slowly faded away,
Much to chatroom pals' regret.

"All things in moderation,"
Is a warning we should heed.
It's first games on Play Station,
Where addiction plants its seed.

By RickMack (




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