The stars in her eyes
Matched the stars in the skies
When Cindy was young and sweet.

The call of the wild
Found its way to this child
And away to the city she'd seek.

His eyes were so blue,
He said he'd be true,
And Cindy took a chance with her life.

Now many moons later,
With children and fatter,
Cindy had to leave some of the strife.

It's dark beneath on country lanes,
Cindy grieves for her perceived lost fame,
And a tear trickles down her tired cheek.

She forced her sight up,
Took a swig from her cup,
Then a small voice she heard to speak.

Don't worry, my dear,
There's nothing to fear,
Oh, see how really big stars can be.

Go home to the city
To the real fame of reality.
Go home and enjoy all you see.

Remember this moon and these stars,
Amid neon lights and urban cars,
A star in your own right you'll shine.

For life builds its own dreams,
As it trickles its own stream,
Washing peace on you after a time.

By Norma (

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