Searching through the cloudless sky
for something in that great expanse,
I see far off a fluttering shape
insignificant in the great blue space

Closer, as I watched entranced,
a small bird caught in swirling winds
whirling, struggling to escape
the Spring wind's powerful force

At last when all seems truly lost
with feathers ruffled and nearly spent
the small shape, mightily, with one last try
breaks through to calmer air below

Watching the power of Nature's wrath
how wonderful the small bird seems
to struggle through with all his might
to reach the refuge far below

Each day we find that life is hard
we struggle against overwhelming odds
but God has given us inner strength
to meet the task and do much more

How could the Master not watch me,
so beautifully in His image made,
when he watches over the tiny bird
and counts all the creatures In His Sight

By Joy Johnson (




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