Cat And Mouse

Fluffy was her name,
A cute little feline destined for fame.

Itsie was his name,
A mousy who always got the blame.

It was a cold and dreary night,
And Itsie considered his plight.

The field were he resided was not nice at all,
And he longed for the house on the hill with the nice warm hall.

Fluffy was curled up on her cushion at the end of the hall,
And she spied Istie running full speed and tumbling pall mall.

She jumped up and ran catching him under her paw,
And Istie knew he'd been caught by the law.

His big sad eyes looked into hers,
And she looked back and began to make soft purrs.

It was love at first sight for Fluffy and that little brown mouse.
How would they manage the grumpy old maid of the house.

Itsie was quite the charmer and not at all shy.
When the old maid scolded Fluffy, he looked her straight in the eye.

She screamed at the sight of Itsie, and got her big broom.
Fluffy scratched her leg, and she ran post haste from the room.

Now Fluffy and Itsie are quite the item, I'm told;
A cat and mouse game that turned out to be quite bold.


Ava - Always The Lady

Ava the gentle shepherd is quite the lady.
She is a lovable girl, but never shady.

She comes back from Pet Smart with bows by her ears,
And promptly rubs her head on the carpet until they disappear.

She is very tidy and neat.
Her manners can't be beat.

She almost says thank you and please.
For a 100 pound girl, she prances like a pony with grace and ease.

Never destructive, always the lady she'll be.
I love my Ava, it's plain to see.


Monkey in a Pork Pie Hat

It was at the Jazz fest that I saw him there.
The monkey in the Pork Pie Hat made me stare.

He had a sax that wailed blues into the night.
His appearance made me laugh and was quite a sight.

A cracked yellow vase was placed on the piano for tips.
The monkey pointed at it as he wet his lips.

As he began to play, the crowd stood to their feet.
He had the groove; he had the beat.

I never shall forget the monkey in the pork pie hat.
He was a wild and crazy very cool cat..



Frustration, I'm well acquainted with the problem.
It is not always easy to resolve the situations or dissolve them.

With clumsy fingers trying to fasten a bracelet or necklace, can lead to this state of mind.
Mixing medication, trying to get the last drop from the bottle is another frustration in kind.

Listening to the news can lead to frustration for sure.
World problems beyond our reach is definitely not a cure.

Frustration abounds in our technical society each day.
Heavy traffic, remote controls, & other frustrations are here to stay.

Yes, frustration in our century is part of daily life.
Just close your eyes, listen to some soothing music, smell fresh cut flowers and forget the strife.

Frustration, it's not worth it - take my advice.
Relax, enjoy life, take a deep breath, and don’t think twice.


Buster Brown

"I'm Buster Brown; I live in a shoe.
This is my dog, Tige, he lives in here too."

One day while walking down the street,
I found a Buster Brown doll that was oh, so neat.

I listened to the Andy's Gang show on the radio on Saturday morn,
So, had to take it home, even though it was ragged and torn.

Mom, really didn't care for its grimy appearance,
But she let me keep it, probably planning for its quick disappearance.

I still remember that doll and finding it that day.
I loved Froggy the Gremlin, Buster Brown and his dog at play.


Our Feathered Friends

What’s that you say, my dear?
Oh, I know its that time of year.

Its time to start a little family by building a nest.
Would you prefer it be in a tree, just what do you think would be best?

Over there are some lovely sunflower seeds.
They will certainly fill our needs.

A family of five would be nice I think,
And a birdbath would be nice for the babies to get a drink.

By the shed is a nice big bush;
Perhaps we could share baby sitting duties,
And when the time is right, give them a gentle push.

Its spring, so lets get a move on my dear.
The weather is lovely,
And the day is clear.

Babies will come soon as Mom sits on the nest.
Dad will fly to and fro,
And tell us how he is blest.


My Pal

I've had a lot of pals in my life over many a year,
And some of them I hold quite dear.

The pal I have now that helps me the most,
Is a four legged friend, pardon if I boast.

She is loyal, kind and loving in all ways I can think.
From her duty as a pal she never does shrink.

Never judging, she is always ready to forgive.
She asks little in return except food and water to live.

My pal, Ava, tried and true.
She makes me happy when I am blue.


Grilling Out

Summertime and the grilling is easy.
Cook those burgers and dogs, don't worry if they’re greasy.

Mustard, ketchup, buns and home grown "maters",
Corn on the cob with lots of butter, and round it all out with some grilled "taters".

Iced tea, soda, strawberries and ice cream for dessert, yum; And don't forget your covered dish, y'all come.


Special Moments

Special moments revolve around family and friends.
They are with you from your birth to the end.

Always a memory to linger in the mind from day to day,
Ready to embrace you and travel across the years like a warm sunlit ray.

They envelope you like a warm blanket on a wintry morn,
Leaving you with comfort and peace as you sojourn.

Special moments become special memories woven into the fabric of our souls,
Washing over us like the sea ebbing from the distant shoals.




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