Scene In A Backyard

Another challenge on our message board. If you would like to participate, come to the board. I post a challenge every weekend and you'll find the link on the Index page.

I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own verse and the poem must have a theme. Participants don't see a picture until the page is published.

This was the list for this weekend



a magazine or a novel



melting ice cubes

The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. They love feedback.


Scene In A Backyard

A typical Saturday afternoon of summer chores,
Dad in the backyard planing some doors.

Sister sitting in the chase lounge reading a novel for summer reading,
While Mom put some straw on the new grass which she had been seeding.

Baby Tootles sat in her high chair with a whimsical grin,
Watching everyone with cookie mess stuck to her chin.

The lemonade sat on the patio table with melting ice cubes,
And junior was busy inflating his bicycle tubes.

Summer chores on a Saturday afternoon were family time,
Back when you could buy ice cream for a dime.

By Phyllis Ann (


Scene In A Backyard

As I was sitting in my backyard,
Thinking of all I should do.
Made a decision, not very hard.
My list was down to a few.

Find something different to read,
Maybe Harry Potter or Stephen King?
But no sloppy love novels I'd need.
Murder and magic, that was the thing!

But I feel whimsical today.
Nothing too heavy or long.
I laughed like a donkey's bray,
Maybe the sun was too strong.

I watched an ant dragging a straw.
Feisty little bug was he!
Skittered with it stuck in his craw.
Heading for the old maple tree.

I lifted my glass for a drink,
The ice cubes were melting within.
I looked in and what do you think?
Another ant, looking guilty as sin.

By Swampetta (


Scene In A Backyard

He was sitting in his back yard
Being idle not at all hard
Seemed to be writing on a pad
His wife inside looking quite mad

His great novel he was dreamin
Inside the house his wife screamin
He was supposed to mow the yard
But he was at idle and not hard

Whimsical was his every thought
She went shopping and bought and bought
If not a bit of work he would do
Then shopping was what she would do

She went to the local shopping mall
Bought a dress and a hat of straw
Spent and spent and spent and spent
The more she thought the more she went

She returned with shopping bags full
Saw him resting in same chair at lull
His ice tea had one last melting ice cube
As he lazed there the loafing boob

She no longer was anger bent
For all his money she had spent
Then she hired a handsome neighbor
To work on yard and do the labor

She flirted outrageously with the man
Then away with him she ran
Leaving her spouse idling not at all hard
In their fresh mowed back yard

By Sharon (


Scene In A Backyard

Sitting in the backyard,
First a novel I started;
But alas it was so boring.

Then it was a magazine but,
National Geographic was not
That exciting.

A whimsical thought did cross my mind
As I grinned and went inside.
Ha, ha, beat the heat, I thought

First I saw a straw on the cabinet,
A big one from a Slurpee,
So it became my horn,
Or was it a pseudo kazoo?

A quart mason jar I did get,
Then three olives I put down into it.
Put a Popsicle along side them
And then as the cabinet I opened, I laughed.

Filled it with crushed ice I did
Then filled it with Vodka so light.
Back to the backyard I went,
And I sucked on those popsicles.

Two o’clock turned to four,
Four then did soon turn to six.
When the wife came home,
She asked, where supper is?

Seeing my state of inebriation,
She hosed me down,
And ordered Chinese in.

Tomorrow oh how my head will ache
As I slightly overdid it.
But as I mowed, raked and trimmed,
I noticed my wife had a mason jar?

By Tom (


Old Bill

Sighing, old lonely Bill Tucker,
Wandered in the highway thrift store
"Shall I read a magazine or a novel?
Fifty cents for a magazine, a dollar for a book, tore.

"Whimsical" the torn jacket said,
Magazines too far out of date,
Bill counted his nickels and dimes.
"Funny," he thought, might cheer his fate.

Dragging in his jobless clothes,
Paid his dollar, walked down to the Sonics,
With his coke, he found a bus bench.
Melting ice cubes, Bill dreamed of a tonic.

Not so long ago, he was on top,
Never thought he'd see this kind of day,
Sittin', wandrin' unnoticed, tired,
Livin' on a bed of straw hay.

Still Bill had his dignity and dreams,
Of a dog, a house, kids, a backyard.
Yes, he'd get a big job, he really would,
Just don't make him work too hard.

By Norma (


Scene In A Backyard

Hot, humid day
Yet, a/c is not what I need
But rather the quiet shade of the backyard tree
A glass of lemonade and something to read

I stretch out on the old lounge chair
on the small table, "Immortal Bonds" by Dawn Scovill
But the heat is finally getting to me
My eyes close as I put down my novel

I dream a whimsical dream of love
Like most dreams everything's out of place
People I've never heard of or seen
Are kissing me all over my face

I open my eyes and there's my dog
standing there with his tongue hanging out
My glass of lemonade is on the ground
The straw destroyed there is no doubt

The melting ice cubes the last to go
under blades of lemonade covered grass
So up I come off the chair in a bound
To get us both another glass

By susi (


Scene In A Backyard

Two novels lay on the table,
A magazine, a bottle of wine (Italian label),
Beside the chaise and lying on the ground,
A hat of straw, be-ribboned and round.

The sun had gone down, the fireflies were out,
The birds were at roost, no one was about...
Except Nurse and My Lady, who said in a pout.....
"A few more minutes, please...I love being out".

A backyard of whimsical creations, it was,
Carved wooden figures, ceramic ornaments, a sculpture from Oz.
The chaise was wicker, shaped like a swan,
Lights in the treetops, from dusk until dawn.

Another hour, then she nodded to her nurse,
Who tossed the melting ice cubes and reached for her purse.
"It was a beautiful day, may we come tomorrow?"
"Why yes, we'll ask Dr. Ed if his binoculars we may borrow."

"Oh the ships, I just must see the tall-masted ships..."
She arose from her chaise, grimaced, bit her lips.
Then in her wheelchair, she moved across the grass,
Excited for tomorrow......this woman of class.

By Marilyn (




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