The Maine Moose

By Marilyn (

While I was in the wilds of Maine last week, I saw several moose. All were cows, and two of the ten I saw were mothers. The little calves stayed near their mother, and when Mother moved, they moved.

I would have tried taking more close-up shots, but the black flies and mosquitos were so bad I stayed in the car. I didn't see a bull moose this time, but I've seen them on our other trips.

I invited our authors to send a moose poem or a moose story, and these are their entries. If you would like to submit, please do and I'll add it to the page.


Maurice The Moose

By Joy (

He stands at attention
The Moose named Maurice
He's the king of the forest
Does just as he may please

We are awed by his gaze
And his magnificent size
He seems like he is studying
What he sees in our eyes

Don't worry Maurice
We know this is your domain
We will stay safe inside
You don't have to explain

You are free to roam
Through the forest and glade
We will capture you on film
As good-bye we bade


Mikey The Moose

By Frannie (

I'm Mikey the Moose and I stand transfixed
Staring at the lady with camera in hand
Maybe she'll toss some goodies my way
Some fresh food and drink I could stand.

We don't often get such pretty visitors
Most are hunters with rifles to shoot
It's nice to see her friendly face
She thinks I'm special and very cute.

If you like my picture, Marilyn dear
And you're pleased with my handsome face
Tell the world you met Mikey the Moose
While visiting his woodland place.


Millie Moose

By Sharon (

Millie Moose was so very sad
She got lost and couldn't find Dad
She searched through the wide meadow
And gave out a big loud bellow
With a cow he was lovin. THAT CAD!


The Maine Moose

By Phyllis Ann (

Humphrey loved living in Maine.
He thought if he didn't get to go to Mount Katahdin, he'd go insane.

There was a female moose, named Miranda, who lived on the mount,
And Humphrey thought she was the only female of any count.

Humphrey must walk a few miles to get to his destination,
But that did not hinder him from pursuing his fascination.

Over hill and over dale Humphrey walked mile after mile.
Soon he would reach Katahdin, and he could rest for a while.

Humphrey weighed about 800 pounds and ate a lot of twigs.
Tromping through the forest was one of his favorite gigs.

He was used to swimming across big lakes and walking though streams,
So the hike was something that he had envisioned in his dreams.

When he finally arrived at his destination,
He began to search for Miranda without hesitation.

On the second day of his search,
He spotted her gnawing on a birch.

He knew her by the dewlap under her chin.
Humphrey showed a larger than life great big 'ol grin.

She spied him and gave him a glance.
Miranda on this moose was taking a chance.

Humphrey couldn't wait to get to her side,
And with speed to her he did glide.

She wondered from where this big boy did hale,
And he began to unravel his tale.

Never had any moose walked so far to be at her side.
Her love for Humphrey could not be denied.

Miranda knew the phrase, "I'd walk a mile for a Camel",
But she never figured Humphrey would do it for a hoofed mammal.


The Maine Moose

By Marilyn (

Wet leaves and tall saplings
Slapped the dark, hairy hide
Of Maureen Moose and her six-week old
Long-legged calf, Corinide.

Maureen could smell the bog
And the tender water plants she liked,
But the morning fog and last night's downpour of rain
Had made the earth floor mushy and her nerves tight.

Corinide bounced along on spindly legs,
Following her mother as best as she could.
Corinide didn't like the fog, but she liked the bog.
She liked to make frogs jump, she liked the mud.

Arriving at the bog, Maureen waded in...
Oblivious to Corinide, who had followed and sunk to her knees.
Mikey Moose was there...Mikey was Corinide's father,
Mikey would see Corinide and be very pleased.

But alas, it wasn't to be....
Mikey Moose looked up, spotted Maureen, and snorted.
He tossed his great rack, turned, and headed up the bank...
Leaving the bog....and Maureen...and his six-week old, long-legged daughter.


The Maine Moose

By Swampetta (

Sweet shy Ethel was a lovely moose.
But her reputation was kind of loose.
Someone spotted her behind the Elks Hall.
They said it looked like she was having a ball.

Now nothing could be further from the truth!
(Although those Elks were kind of uncouth.)
Ethel was only following orders you see.
Her mother had told her to wait by the tree.

Ethel didn't know an Elm from a Chestnut though,
(Truth be told, she was a little slow.)
So into the woods she trotted away,
The Elks were having a picnic that day.

They hooted and whistled, "Hey there you cutie!"
"Join us in a beer, don't get all snooty!"
She started to leave, but suddenly then,
She spotted her soul mate, A guy name of Ben.

She batted her lashes, sent him a long look,
This would be a chapter in her memory book.
She giggled and smiled but the longer she tarried,
She got her heart broke, she found out he was married.

She let out a cry, and stumbled away.
She's not been the same since that terrible day.
She left Ben, her love it was done!
The very next day, she became a moose nun.


An Essence Called 'Mate'

By Connie (

Far into the distance
Moose Bill wanders 'round
gorgin' his hungry belly
.... hardly makin' a sound ~

Farther away near a bigger stream
Moose Dolly is havin' her fill
when suddenly she looks up
and sees this 'hunk' called Bill ~

She stands there smitten
for a male of such pride
I've got to let him know
.... I wanna be his bride ~

I hope he'll notice me
before it's too late
I'm wearing my essence
the one...... called 'mate' ~

Hurriedly she walks
tryin' get upwind
carryin' her 'smells' for the one
.......she hopes to win ~

As luck would have it
Bill's nostrils sniff the air
a young maiden he sees
and one..... ohhhh so fair ~

So off he trots in that direction
hopin' to get a better view
then discovers she's blinkin' her eyes
at that old moose.... named Hugh ~

A lesson once learned
Bill's not able to compete
he's tangled with him before
so he turns in retreat ~

How'd he get there so fast?
he's so cranky and old
and I'm virile and strong
ohh... why couldn't I be more bold ? ~


The Maine Moose

By Barbara (

We share this earth, you and I. There is room for us both.
This earth will provide our needs.
But we need not be greedy or take all or anything.
All has been provide that we need.

Not what we think we want but what we need.
Our needs are truly simple ones.
I will not take your favorite spot away.
And you will not take mine?

We can live in peace you and i.
Neighbors we will be.
Peaceful friends not enemies we'll be..
Here we will live in quiet peace.

Thank you Maine moose.


Miss Lucy Moosey

By Mary (

Let's take a trip
with our star of the day;
her name is Miss Lucy
"What a moose", you say?

Well, yes, she's a moose
with a fancy name;
now don't her riled nor
her emotions inflamed!

Miss Lucy Moosey's a strutter,
a dancer, a cut~up;
n if ya get-er started
ya can't get~er ta shut~up!

She snorts n she stomps
why she'll run ya around;
if ever she hears ya
make fun a~her sound!

See, Lucy's no youngun
that gal knows tha score;
she's stared down tha best
n come runnin' fur more!

Sa have some respect
when Miss Lucy ya spy;
N if you ain't a moose,
friend, git ready to fly:-)

Mary Carter Mizrany
June 25, 2007
copyright protected

Miss Lucy says





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