Pictures of me have just been taken
with my newly acquired Canon
only to find the views not to my liking ~
showing hanging skin here and there
sparkle gone from once twinkling eyes
thinning hair now dons my crown
'pearly whites' are a thing of the past
leaving tinges of yellow all around with
waddles of flesh under my chin ~

I want to go back to yesteryears and
capture my better side
where once I had thoughts of being good stuff
with a gift of gab and loving smile
and laughter all around
I don't want to view this face I see
of a broken spirit and a look of despair where
aging seems to have taken its toll on me,
while my mirror reflects a disfigured grin ~

Is this really me or am I living in the past
Is my mirror broken ?
cause all that's left is the 'ugliness' I see
where my skin has lost its magical tone ~
Is this what others see in me ?
Is this aging body really my own ?

Am I worse that can't be seen
are there trade-ins for the aged or
will I to become a throw-a-way queen ?

By Connie (

The featured graphic was created by Connie.

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