Rolling green meadows, as far as the eye can see

Sweet-scent of clover, lingering in a warm summer's breeze.

The woods lined, thickened with trees

As grapevines sweep wildly, among some dangling leaves.

A weeping willow, swaying low to the ground

As the whirl of a windmill, spins softly without a sound.

Some mornings glisten, a crispness with dew

As sun rises in colors, displaying its heavenly view.

Spikes on cornstalks, ready for harvest reap

Sweet apples nurturing, in orchards of trees.

Melodies of songbirds, echoing in flight

The call of the owl, as night begins to fall.

Flowering blossoms, awaken from slumber

Sounds of a new day, I listen, I wonder.

By Marty (



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