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Summer Pastimes

By Marilyn (

Do you play croquet? Have you ever played croquet?

Last month when I was in Maine, I wandered around with my camera and took pictures. I do this on my own while Ben does other things because that way I can go where I want.

I took the picture you see in Freeport, behind the Hammerskeet Inn. There are beautiful gardens behind the inn and when I'm in Freeport, I go there and take pictures.

This time I saw that the big grassy lawn was set up with wickets and stakes. A croquet set was hanging on the fence, which made it obvious to me that guests at the inn enjoy croquet.

I played a lot of croquet while I was growing up but I haven't played in years. Another summer game I liked was badminton. Also, I was enough of a tom-boy to like horseshoes.

What games or activities did you, or do you, participate in during the summer months? Did you ever catch lightning bugs? LOL I did.

Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.


Growing Up Games

By susi Taylor (

we had a big yard on McLean Street
our family moved there when I was three
so many kids in our neighborhood
gathered in our yard for games and life was good

"Red Rover, Red Rover, send Norma right over!"
Hide and seek when we all ran for cover
Kick the Can was a favorite of all
but I couldn't play 'cause I was too small

but the games continued as up I grew
there was Mother, May I, and Stoop Tag too
Playing that got me my first black eye
when Lillian and I ran into each other on the fly

there was an old croquet set that we would install
and play for hours with mallet and ball
having to take turns there were so many to play
one game could last most of the day

Fox and Hounds in the winter snow
would last for hours in the moon's bright glow
snowmen we built, and forts for snowball fights
that big yard was the center for children's delights

i don't see kids playing those games anymore
computer and video games are the ones they explore
they will never know all the fun to be had
playing the neighborhood games as lasses and lads


Summertime Fun

By Sharon (

Oh the pleasures of summertime fun
Riding old Nibs and making him run
Climbing on branch of tall pepper tree
My friends, sister, brothers and me

Swimming across murky Thompson's pond
Fishing there too of that I was fond
Sometimes a trip to the ocean beach
Picking from tree a very sweet peach

Henny Penny my pet banty hen
Some of the things I recall from then
Camping some weeks at Green Valley Falls
Learning to swim there I does recalls

Dressing up Tex a mutt of a dog
My cousin who fell in pond off log
Oh how wet she got from doing that
I laughed at her as I was a brat

Catching tarantulas from the field
Raiding a farm's watermelon yield
Swinging high up on an old tire swing
Summer's childhood memories do cling


Summer Pastimes

By Joy (

Dressed in starchy white pinafores
That reached nearly to the grass
The days that mom and auntie's spent
Playing croquet in the past

The pictures of these lovelies
Are stored in albums we've long forgot
Photographs of family outings
On what is now a weed covered plot

The grandchildren look them over
Can't believe it when we say
That the young and carefree children
Would be over one hundred years old today

Don't waste a single minute
For time goes by much too fast
Soon we will be pictures saved on CD's
Just a memory from the past


Summer Pastimes

By Swampetta (

I remember seeing a croquet set in a friend's backyard. Asked what it was and she informed me; "That's what the grown up ladies do when we have company over and it's still light out." She only had a rough idea of what it was supposed to be. She knew that you hit a ball and that it should go through the little metal hoops but no clue of how to determine a winner.

So we made our own set of rules....

You lined up the hoops and tried to blast the ball through with one shot. Neither one of us could manage that so we moved the hoops closer together. By now we were giggling so much that we couldn't have hit the side of a barn! So I figured that you had to hit the ball harder.....

(I would have invented golf if it hadn't already been invented.)

WWWWOOOONNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKK! All the way to the fence line!

Sandy did it next and she came at it from the opposite direction......

She only cracked the kitchen window, not completely break it out.

We decided that mine went farther than hers but it didn't break anything so it was a tie. Her mother decided to put the croquet set in an undisclosed location. So much for our career in 'ladylike' sports.....

We went back to mud wrestling for the rest of the summer.


Summer Pastimes

By Barbara (

Back when our children were young, we played badminton and pass the ball around. Oh and tag too, hide an seek, the smaller ones played button-button. About that time too they were of age to play card games, all but the smallest. After supper, we would clear the table, put away the leftovers and get down to serious card playing. My husband and the oldest boys usually won. Then after some time we had the neighbor guy playing. He came every night, and we all helped him learn to play. He was good at this, even though he had math troubles. He and his Mom became life-time friends, now his mom is in her 80s.

Time slips away, so the old song says. So remember the old golden friends, then add the silver ones.

I think back to that time when we had a window fan in the kitchen, no A/C. I wonder how we managed then. We ate an early supper at tobacco time and the boys would help the neighbors crop tobacco.

I can see the boys coming in hot and tired and with tobacco-stained clothes. Before tobacco cropping time, the girls would help pick cucumbers, so we could make plenty of pickles to last until the following year.

We made bread-and-butter pickles, and dills and sweet gherkins, too. Life was simpler back then, at least the memories seem warmer. Oh, and the big end of summer relish. At Chritmas we would often send a pretty jar of relish to neighbors. Neighbors had lots of pecans and would always send us some. Home made spicey pecans: A lil sugar added to the iron skillet. Ymm can smell the spices coming from the kitchen. Going to make a few extras this fall to share.

Take good care, friends:brier july 2007


Summer's Doings

By Marty (

As a child my summers were the best
Spending time in a small cabin, along a river's bank
My friend Pam and I, strolling along the long country road
Pushing an old baby's buggy, with no real place to go
Sometime playing in an old abandoned car
Or sitting on the river's bank, fishing with my father
The weekends were great!
When heavy rains came, the river rose fast
We left in a hurry using a side door
Up the gravel road we made our way
To Pam's house,where we usually had to stay
Fun times were just doing whatever came along
Just being carefree was a real treat
Spending our summers in our little old cabin
Along the river's creek.
(oh yes,the old abandoned car was no more,
my one older sister set it a-fire)


Summer Pastimes

By Tom (

Croquet mallets, croquet balls
Hanging on a weather-stained wall,
Green on the ground I see,
As flowers a blooming I do see.

Summer time, time for a game,
Time to friendly be
Time to talk and laugh,
Time to the summer enjoy

The fence does tell all
The winter weather can be foul,
So the seasons come and go,
Enjoy it now, soon the fall.


Summer Pastimes

By Lilly (

Times of summers long ago never forgotten
As a young girl, I loved to gather neighbor girls
For games to play, there was hide and seek and tag
Often played long hours and lots of laughs ensued
Most times I was the winner but at times I shared
I knew to do this, to keep being friends and happy
Later came the game of croquet which I loved
I go two ways of the game forward, then backward
I liked the challenge of going thru the hoops
Was easy on flat, just mowed grass, harder otherwise
Later years same games, with my kids, much fun
Taught my kids to be good sports, not a cry baby
Always to win some and loose some is the game
The croquet game got old and bought a new set
When kids got older, I didnt play much but they did
I never tired of these games, neither did my kids
It went on through with family, friends to their kids
Nice passing on games, always had fun times
Still do them nowdays, when families get together
Some have interests in sports, so not play much
There is a new game that we like and is fun
Three rack stand and clothesline rope with balls
on each end and light throw those to rack to land
and twirl around to stay on or fall to ground
It is called curly balls and it is played very often
When summer comes, we play during get togethers
4th July is over but graduation parties coming up
Will set up the games to play, to pass away time
Oh, so many nice memories of summer time fun



By Mary (

"Can it be summer again"
We'd here grandma say;
"Seems as if I just put tha
down quilts away".

Tha creek'd be acallin'
n we younguns would run;
grab hold of a grapevine
swing n drop just fur fun.

We'd duck one another
witha laugh n a roar;
grandpa would say
"There be time for one more"!

Jars fulla fireflies
we'd show off with pride;
with their quaint lil' bums
they had nowhere to hide:-)

Lookin' for mice babies
where they slept in a nest;
was a secret we kept
from alla tha rest.

Ice cream parties at church
takin' turns at tha handle;
yep, it were old~fashion'd
like coal~oil n candle.

Oh, how delicious
twas cold n refreshin';
much better than storebought
tha best ever I'm guessin'!

Old Mr. Winter can
stay asleep if he dares;
Summer's our favorite
with no worries nur cares!

Mary Carter Mizrany©
July 11, 2007


Croquet and Other Fun

By Norma (

So long ago, we played croquet.
Right here in this yard where our children played.
Wooden balls rolled down the hill,
But we kept tryin’ ‘til we got our fill.

There was badminton, too, across the drive,
Birdies didn’t roll and seemed alive,
They did fly ‘til the netting tore,
(I was always the one with low score.)

Croquet was so elegant and refined.
Those days we seem to have left behind.
Nintendo is better because????
Excuse me while I press the pause.


Watching The Clouds Roll By

By Evelyn (

In the morning the clouds were thick and heavy, the sky was tattle tale gray. Then the badly needed rains came, replenishing the earth. Flowers, lawns and gardens drank thirstily of the rain as the sky opened up, sending down previous life-giving water. Before long the storm moved to another place.

The gray clouds, now laundered fluffy and white, floated freely in the great indigo sky above me. I could now indulge in one of my greatest summer pastimes and pleasures–cloud gazing! Lying on my back in my deck recliner I watched the clouds roll by, forming and reforming every shape my mind could conjure up..

Puckish fairies danced on toad stools. Soon there were horses on parade prancing to drums and tubas. The big top was in town! I spied an elephant which elongated into a giraffe and clowns tumbled all around. I saw a monkey and swore I heard a calliope. There were tigers, bears and wagons.

Fluffy white clouds float freely after a
summer storm. See the tiger?!

Soon the cacophony of the certifiable Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in the sky above me sent me into dreamland. I don't know how long I dozed, but a gentle breeze awakened me. I opened my eyes and saw, what must surely have been, the personification of Puff the Magic Dragon! I present him here now in all of his glory. He didn't stay long. Actually I think he is whispering, “Little Lady, it’s getting on to supper time. From up here I think I see your old man coming home and knowing him he'll be looking for looking for something to eat!”

Fluffy white clouds mere to form
"Puff the Magic Dragon!"

Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And froliced in the autumn mist in a land called Honali,
Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And froliced in the autumn mist in a land called Honali.

Puff, I am so glad that I finally had a chance to meet you. I'll keep looking at the sky, hoping to see you again one day!




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