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Summer Nights

By Marilyn (

The featured image lends itself to romance or mystery.

I was in a little hillside park that overlooks Bar Harbor, Maine when I took the picture. During the day, tour buses bring hundreds of tourists to the area and park at the foot of the hill. Also, there may be as many as three large cruise ships anchored in the harbor and they run shuttle boats back and forth throughout the day. The little park is a good place to sit and rest one's tired feet. It isn't unusual to hear one or more musicians sitting on the grass, or on a bench, strumming a guitar.

You may think of sitting on your own porch on "Summer Nights", or maybe you'll think about "Summer Nights" at the ocean, or at the lake. Whatever the case, I hope you'll be inspired to write. Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.


Summer Nights

By Joy (

The sun is sinking in the West
The lights begin to glow
Fireflies flitting here and there
Add to the Summer show

The children are scurrying home
They heard their mother say
When the sky grows dim and the lights come on
That's the end of your playtime day

The earth is quietly settling in
For another night of rest
Parents looking forward to the darkness
The time that they like best

Another day of busyness and work
Behind us, and we pray
Let us be safe throughout the night
Fresh for another day



Summer Nights

By Phyllis Ann (

Just a small town square,
Just small town fare, and the smell of Honeysuckle in the air.

Local bandstand quiet now in the blackness of night.
Just a few hours earlier what a wonderful sight.

Instruments poised in the air ready to play.
Locals sitting on the grass waiting with hearts light and gay.

The first clear notes waft over the humid summer air,
And what lovely memories make, this small town fare.

There’s Johnny and Robert from the high school band.
Susan sits first chair clarinet on the stand.

Moms and Dads are proud as can be.
Aunts and Uncles have come out to see.

Molly sits with her French horn in her lap.
Jack, a first grade teacher, can’t help but his toes tap.

Mrs. Thatcher leans out her dress shop window to hear her favorite march,
And Bob sits in front of the Barber Shop to watch.

An enchanted evening for ordinary folks,
As they pass around the popcorn and the Cokes.


Summer Nights

By Jeanie (

Summer nights in Meriden, CT, where I was born and raised, were warm and fun. I can picture my playmates and I out on an early evening after a warm rain. We'd don bathing suits and run through the puddles, laughing and screaming all up and down the street. In my day, there wasn't any pollution in the water to worry about.

Sometimes, my 2 brothers and I would be sitting on the front porch, just watching the day grow dimmer. We'd hear the bells ringing down the street that the Good Humor man was on his way. We'd run inside begging our mother for a dime to buy an ice cream on a stick. (I think it was a dime!!) When we had our way, we'd run out the front door and stop the Good Humor man, in his white truck, from going any further. There he was, in his clean, white uniform and white hat, doling out ice cream cones or sticks to the neighborhood children. I always bought a fudgecicle or a chocolate ice cream with chocolate on top. (by now, you must know I favored!)Sometimes, Mom would get one too..but she favored toasted almond.

Warm summer nights brought out the fireflies. Where are they today? We'd catch them in our backyard and trap them in canning jars whose lids we had punched holes in so that they could breath. But, they died anyway because we didn't know what they

When it grew dark, and we were tucked in our beds, Mom & Dad would sit on the glider on the front porch and watch the moon rise over the hill not far from our home.

How those memories of warm summer nights fill me with longing for times gone by.


Summer Nights

By Norma (

There is one little unlit building in the dark, and from it Katy peers. Dreamy piano notes filter through the deepening night air. Katy loves the evening after dark. A dark that enfolds her in a blanket of love after she has struggled tautly through the day. Katy is one of those unseen alone. Those who bear the burden of mental illness. She awakes early each day with a plan, a "goal" for the day, and without achieving it an uncertain restlessness falls upon her. She trembles and shuffles, though not enough to be noticed. She is the shop keeper who sells records. She is the checker at the Wal-Mart. She is the teacher of babes. She is in a corporate boardroom. She is one of hidden millions like her on the planet, but unknown. She keeps her "diagnosis" a secret, for "society" has not grown as yet to not judge.

And this night, eerie to some, but rest to Katy, is the most beautiful of all times. For there is no pressure upon her to fit in - no pressure on her for goal setting, and she can quietly gaze at the lovely street lanterns, and be grateful for the piano player’s song. Katy drinks in its sign of beauty and hope in the midst of the dark.


Summer Nights

By Lilly (>

Memories of years ago come to mind now and then
There were fun times after I took a dance lesson
Started out it was tap dancing, then acting in plays
It was not good enough for me as I liked to dance
I lived in a small town and we did not have the best
When I became fifteen, I had a boy friend and rules
A chaperone to dances every Saturday night
Mother bought me a formal for Prom at sixteen
It was a fun night just dancing to the slow music
Two years after graduation I met somebody nice
He worked in back of me at my new job, a big tease
Told me that he took advanced dancing lessons
One day he asked me to go to our work banquet
I knew I would enjoy the evening and was excited
Was a lovely summer night, and the place was nice
Walked outside in brim of darkness as streetlights lit
Music was heard nearby overlooking the big lake
The sky lightened up as the moon was coming overhead
We walked and danced to the different bands playing
The lake glistened and it looked very romantic
He guided me to do the tango, my first time and perfect
Many nights we went dancing and wonderful times
In Kansas City the best music, the last summer night


Once Upon A Night

By Connie (>

Once upon a night
in the merry month of May
along came a stranger
a man of quality, I might say ~

Poetic in nature, he was
in his flair of words he used
Tender was his heart I could tell
in his writings that were so few ~

Smitten I was at the sound of him
wondering from whence he came
" from the east, from the east " he said,
but uttered me no name ~

I sensed a man of power
one of intelligence so fine
rapidly telling me things
figuring they were all just lines ~

Lines I had heard before
like most of the men I'd met
I've pounded on these keys, awishin'
to know this man I'd met ~

Reliving the memories of the night
thinking we'd make a pair
I looked about for him
only to find he wasn't there ~

Little was I to know
he was to remain unknown
whetting my appetite for more
but no interest in me he'd shown ~

Slowly the sun awakened my senses
or so I thought, it seemed
yet when my eyes flew open
I saw it was only a dream ~

Connie (


There’s Magic in a Summer Night–When Fire Flies Fly

By Evelyn (

There’s magic in a summer night! Spring planting is done and time has come to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Grab a chair and sit on the porch or the deck. Spread a blanket on the lawn, lie on your back, look up at the stars and search the sky for the big dipper. Chances are that before long you will be humming the old song, “Glow Worm” as you watch fire flies begin their nocturnal flight!.

The many, many summer nights of my long life have been enriched by the beauty and whimsy of night-blooming flowers. My fascination with them goes back to my childhood. In the summer all around the yard there were red and white bushes of four-o’clocks. Like “clock work” they bloomed when the sun began its descent in the western sky. They had a pungent, spicy fragrance. They were like old friends. Aunt Freda had a special love for, and was gifted with raising, night-blooming cactus. When it was evident that blooms were ready to burst I was allowed to stay up and watch them open. They perfumed the night–always a special occasion. The wondrous late-night blossoms were always closed and limp by morning, their mystery taken with them, but the night’s memory lingered on.

Currently, my personal harbinger of summer is my annual crop of lemon yellow night-blooming primroses which light the night! By Midsummer Night they are in full bloom. If you watch closely you can see that there are nocturnal insects that come out and feed and pollinate on them. It’s like they are working the night shift. Mother Nature works around the clock!

Harbinger of summer
night-blooming primrose lights the night

My apricot moonflower has put on a fantastic show on the deck this year. Through the day its blossoms don’t give out a fragrance. But by dusk they begin to perfume the night. My lovely white Asian lilies are six-foot sentinels by day. At eventide they lend a ravishing fragrance to the night air when fire flies begin their nocturnal ascent skyward.

Apricot Moonflower
perfuming the summer night

Asian lilies grace summer days
perfume summer night

Night-blooming flowers, starry nights and children squealing in delight as they run about chasing and catching fireflies in mayonnaise jars epitomize for me a summer night's joy. The sweet, catchy tune, “Glow Worm” became popular the year I was married. My children, then my grandchildren, loved to sing it. Through the years I have found myself humming parts of it. I hum the tune now as I reminisce about many wonderful summer nights of nocturnal flowers, starry skies and fire flies!

Glow Worm

Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
Lead us lest too far we wander
Love's sweet voice is calling yonder
Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
Hey, there don't get dimmer, dimmer
Light the path below, above
And lead us on to love!

Glow little glow-worm, fly of fire
Glow like an incandescent wire
Glow for the female of the species
Turn on the AC and the DC
This night could use a little brightnin'
Light up you little ol' bug of lightnin'
When you gotta glow, you gotta glow
Glow little glow-worm, glow

Glow little glow-worm, glow and glimmer
Swim through the sea of night, little swimmer
Thou aeronautical boll weevil
Illuminate yon woods primeval
See how the shadows deep and darken
You and your chick should get to sparkin'
I got a gal that I love so
Glow little glow-worm, glow

Glow little glow-worm, turn the key on
You are equipped with taillight neon
You got a cute vest-pocket master
Which you can make both slow and faster
I don't know who you took a shine to
Or who you're out to make a sign to
I got a gal that I love so

Glow little glow-worm, glow
Glow little glow-worm, glow
Glow little glow-worm, glow
Glow little glow-worm, glow !!

Yes, there's magic in a summer night when fire flies fly!




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