I looked into eyes of spring green
in a face with a summer tan
with a smile as sweet as an autumn rose
and a love for all seasons began

no chill of winter in this love
but rather the newness of spring
each touch the softness of a summer morn
feelings soar like a bird on the wing

a love for all seasons is ours to share
everyday of every year
in our youthful spring we fell in love
in our summer years no fear

we knew our love would always last
throughout all our autumn days
so now our wintertime is here
and this love of ours still stays

a love for all seasons from the very first day
we had our problems as all people do
but we raised our family and stayed our course
each day together said, "I love you."

a love for all seasons, 'tween you and me
always faithful, each to the other
spring and summer, fall and winter
from one season into another

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)

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