Afternoon Stroll

Another challenge on our message board. If you would like to participate, come to the board. I post a challenge every weekend and you'll find the link on the Index page.

I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own verse and the poem must have a theme. This week only five of the six words or items must be used.

Participants don't see a picture until the page is published.

This was the list for this weekend ( 8-04-07 )


afternoon stroll

white pillow clouds

a feather


roof tiles

in the past

The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. They love feedback.


Afternoon Stroll

An afternoon stroll to the mail box I went,
Ambling along as if I had good sense.
Just me and that meadowlark,
Ambling, listening and without a thought.

Saw a hawk feather there on the ground.
Picked it up and wondered, I did.
Was it from Hawkeye Hawk,
That one that Bopper was scared of?

Then I stopped, dropped to my knees,
For there in the barrow pit a violet I saw.
I looked at it and boy what a smile,
Sweet violets, me a blithering idjut.

As I crested the hill,
The house that only the roof I could see,
They were covering the roof in tiles,
That old guy must have the lottery hit.

Dang the mail, wasted time,
Two circulars, but no bills.
Buy a new Ford, which I won’t drive,
And a special sale on new windows.

Oh I grinned for off to the West,
Large billowing clouds were rapidly forming.
Ho, ho, hee, hee, maybe a shower we will get,
Boy how we need the rain.

I started back home humming a tune,
Thinking of how it was in the past.
How it was as a boy,
Living in the village, going barefoot.

When I got home, hot I was,
Had me a grape popsicle.
Then I thought about work,
And decided to have, another popsicle.

By Tom (


Afternoon Stroll

I was out for an afternoon stroll, And it was a cool, rather gloomy type day.
No white pillow clouds dotted the sky of gray.

I walked along with my dog expecting rain drops to fall.
She spotted a feather from a bird which she wanted to sniff and began to stall.

I was patiently waiting for her the feather to investigate,
When I spotted a violet next to the walk which had bloomed a little late.

It was unusual for a violet to bloom this time of year,
But in the past stranger things had happened like the time the back yard was filled with white-tailed deer.

Soon we were on our way home as rain drops fell on roof tiles overhead.
It was a good walk when all was done and said.

By Phyllis Ann (


Afternoon Stroll

In the mood for an afternoon stroll..
We went, just me and the Troll.
We didn't go far,
Just to the car..
Out of the driveway we'd roll.

We were met by our cat Lily,
She was looking kind of silly.
With a feather in her mouth,
One less bird would go south.
Ol' Red Cat really is a dilly!

I bought a seat cover of violet.
Made to match the toilet...(OK, I know I'm pushing it.)
But there was an issue.
It didn't match the tissue..
Which was purple and a pile of it!

For roof tiles, Home Depot we'd go.
Before the rain started to flow.
The roof needed patching,
All we had was thatching.
And lots of buckets, don't ya know!

White pillow clouds filled the sky.
And the sun shined from on high.
What a beautiful day!
But on the way
Rumbles of thunder drew nigh.

We know what had happened in the past.
So we drove home really quite fast.
We need a blue roof from F.E.M.A,
Oh ain't I the dreamer!
This thatching sure ain't gonna last.

By Swampetta (


Afternoon Stroll

She looked from her balcony out toward the sea,
Over the roof tiles to a dock where he might be.
It was Wednesday, the middle of the week,
The ship was to sail, and to him she must speak.

Huge white pillow-clouds floated across the sky,
It was a perfect day, she hated to say good-bye.
A fence of pink hydrangeas lined one side of the walk,
"Good afternoon, Mrs. Dixon," (the neighbor who liked to talk!).

The hem of her gown was smudged in places,
Plus it was snug in the waist...uncomfortable in tight laces.
Its violet color matched her eyes, and yes, he always noticed,
But would he notice today? She hadn't the remotest...

A feather on the walk caught her eye and she stopped.
A parrot's feather...owned by a sea-captain who had docked?
A gentle breeze brought the smell of the sea...and she walked on,
He would hear her out, hopefully, then tell her to begone!

"No pregnancies," he'd said. "No babies while I'm at sea."
"No babies? But a baby would keep me from pining for thee."
She had gazed at the stars and thought how lonely she would be.
"They'll come soon enough...on this we must agree."

An afternoon stroll from their apartment to the dock,
Should have been pleasant but her news would be a shock...
Oh! The ship had set sail, and was nearly out of sight,
He wouldn't be back for a year or more...(She had conceived on their wedding night).

By Marilyn (


Afternoon Stroll

A beautiful babe was born,
Her mouth pursed and pink,

Softly in her bassinette
Violet slept sweetly,

A feather dropped,
The gentle babe smiling,

An angel from heaven's
White pillowed clouds,

An afternoon stroll,
Canopied, happily, neighbors

Oh, the memories of
That precious one grown,
In the past.

By Norma (





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