I have never been bored. We were raised to stay busy with something. If not, Dad would find a job for us and you wished you had done your work a bit slower.

Funny how he knew how long it took to clean the rabbit's cages, and how many steps there were to climb to the second floor. How long it took to say bed time prayers, Daddy knew it all.

Never a question did I ask my Dad that stumped him, unless you count the ones he insisted I work out for myself. But even then, later in the day he would ask for my answer to my own question, and I had better have it right.

I have spent hours looking for four-leaf clovers, and pressing into a waxed paper book mark. I have sat quietly and watched the ants work for the good of their colony.

As I got older, I would observe people, people don't stay busy as they wait. I often wondered why. People nowadays don't shine their shoes like my granddad did, everyday. Woman don't wear aprons like grandma did.

Aprons and pockets were to hold treasures, treasures from the garden or the fruit trees. Some times a few berries. Over the back fence Gram would offer a widow lady some of what she had picked that day.

Gram stayed busy up until the strokes. Even then she had her bed put downstairs where she could watch the hired girls work, and keep an eye on me too. Like Dad',she knew how long it took to clean the stove or the bathroom or scrub the porches. She knew where her egg money was and no one dared touch it, it was for an emergency.

Life is full of emergencies, but she knew which ones required her egg money and which ones didn't. She still had egg money in her apron pocket when she died, just a few dollars, in case of an emergency, coins tied in the corner of her handkerchief with a sturdy knot.

By Barbara (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)



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