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Eerie is the dark of night
where silence is felt,
but for a pendulum as it swings
below its golden clock
Fallen snow covers the streets
creating moving shadows
from the glittering lights ~

Thoughts roam the mind of the one
whose standing among the shadows
creating a sadness as they
stare into space thinking
of happier times when laughter
was echoing throughout the rooms ~

Silence is not golden as thought to be
.....for it eats away the soul
leaving one with an emptiness
while trying to cope with emotional distress
.... regretful of hidden feelings and of
words spoken.... yet unheard ~

It's been many years now
years of happiness which
flowed through these veins
nourishing a body to contentment
how can one survive this madness and
the years spent without a touch...
a hug..... even a little laughter ~

Does misery come with a companion
or is one doomed to suffer alone ? ~

By Connie (