As I was laying on the beach,
Almost asleep, but not quite.
Two giggling fairies flickered by
Tossing a starfish to the left and right.

"I'm asleep and dreaming" so I thought.
With my eyes half lidded.
I didn't move or blink at them,
As through the sand they skidded.

Their laughter sounded like tiny bells.
That only I could hear.
These tiny sprites were dancing now
And I could see it very clear!

I smiled and blinked just a little.
They were having so much fun!
They noticed me and they gasped,
And took off at a run.

I sat up and looked around.
No fairies did I see.
Just sunbeams dancing on the sand.
The fairies..They did flee!

Tonight when the moon rises,
I'll lay in my bed so still.
And listen for the fairies
As they come over the hill.

By Swampetta (

Dancing among the stars, wee one with moonbeams in your hair.
Lighting up the night with your fairy dust as your magic fills the air.

Beautiful fairy floating in space,
Folding starlight in your embrace.

Behold your essence with mystical charm,
Lending your grace without fear of harm.

Lovely being with an aura of love,
Filling your space while floating above.

Come down and abide with us on earth this night.
Enchant us with your endearing flight.

By Phyllis Ann (

Felicity is a good fairy
Who rides on a crescent moon
She watches over society
She sleeps from daybreak til noon

Good fairy brings people good fortune
For those who practice good deed
The type of people who help others
Like bringing homeless some feed

Felicity rides on her crescent moon
Gliding above earthly land
Over cities and mountain tops too
And across desert sand

So when you see her up there so high
Try to behave your good best
She might bestow good fortune on you
But not if you do much less

By Sharon (

Fairy dust, fairies spread
As they go about on tiny wing,
As fairy whispers they make,
Fairy fantasies they do then make.

Nighttime escapades fairies have,
As we wait, watch and think,
Gong back to when we were small,
Never understanding but, enjoying all.

Fairies seem to with moonbeams play,
Fairies fly about nighttime gardens,
With an aura of childishness,
As we really, their actions, eat up.

Fairy wings never flutter,
Fair whispers are only heard
By true believers, who the moon beams
Watch for the fairy escapades.

Oh the thoughts and the magic,
Brought by fairies into the
Moonbeam lit nighttime garden,
As back to a child we do revert.

By Tom (

Summer boats fat and green,
Packed with gossamer threads
That when set free
Sail across fields,
Over treetops,
Across winding streams,
And into my garden.

Fairies playing with moon flowers,
Waltzing in the arbor,
Kissing marigolds,
Caressing gardenias,
Dancing on moonbeams.

Iridescent wings that whisper like the wind,
Brushing rose petals,
Gathering night secrets...

Come, my love,
Come walk with me,
Along the garden path,
Past the lily pond,
Under the rose arch,
Into this copse of trees.

We'll look for the fairy ring,
Where the moss grows thicker,
The air is sweeter,
The stars are brighter...

Come, my love,
Come walk with me.

By Marilyn (

The Time I Filled the Globe with Fairy Juice

One day a little red and yellow thing
With a large bubble top for hummingbird's wing,
Was filled with a sweet molasses syrup,
Startled the reeling transparent cherubs.

For it wasn't the color of crystal nectar,
No hummingbird cared for the black-like sector,
But transparent cherubs have no fear,
And flew down for a sip of fairy cheer.

The bubble of blackness seemed surrounded by diamonds,
As transparent cherub fairy wings sucked at the fountain,
Those babies flew home with such a sugar high,
Un-fairylike conduct filled the skies.

It all happened one twilight night,
Scared the lightning bugs clear out of sight,
Like sparklers on the 4th of July,
Flying, turning, dancing high to the sky,

By Norma (

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