Now I know fall is here,
Yes even with good cheer,
For the hawks have told me so,
And on instinct they do live.

The hot and still dog days of August
Are here and the hawks have come round.
Each fall they do the same,
Move up this way and float around.

Two large one yesterday
Fussed at the wife as
To the mailbox she went,
Diving and swishing about.

Then this morning,
There he was sitting on
A power line above our drive way,
Looking and screeching he was.

Each fall the come around,
Soar about for a meal looking.
Sit on the power lines,
Never coming close to a punkin vine.

The soar high and circle about,
Slowly watching before they swoop.
Then all at once you see,
Them diving toward earth
With prey in sight.

For about thirty years,
This ritual they do follow each and every fall.
During the summer they do not come around,
But in the fall they are here.

I guess because a bird feeder I have,
They know a meal is always near.
But in the winter time,
They come and sit in my yard.

Yes sireee bob, by all means
I know it is so.
For the hawks have come around
And that tells me
Fall is here again.

By Tom (

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