Pixie-Faced Rose Girl

She loved roses more than anything else
She grew them and cared for them faithfully
One day she took a deep sniff from a red one
The rose sniffed back and sucked her inside.

Always stop and smell the roses
For life is short and roses are lovely
Always remember the pixie-faced rose girl
Living now in her own private heaven.

By Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)

Pixie Rose

What’s that you say little rose among your garden friends?
The dew upon your furrowed brow in droplets now descends.

You look a little disgruntled today surrounded by your lush green leaves.
With Mother Nature do you want to discuss some worrisome peeves?

The sun shines hot against your rosy cheeks so fair.
You look to the sky for relief, but none is there.

How you will droop your head if the sky does not yield some moisture soon.
Mother Nature controls your life and your doom.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

The Rose Fairy

The Rose Fairy is peeking out at you.
Looking to see if you can smell her perfume.
She can sing and dance it's true,
Wave her leaves about like a plume.

This Rose Fairy was indiscreet.
That's why you caught her there.
She surely does smell so sweet,
Pick her? Don't you DARE!


Little Pixie Face

If I look,
I can see,
Little people
Staring at me.

One in a cloud
Another on the stalk,
Of a great bronze canna,
On an early summer walk.

But today I saw,
A little budding rose,
So sweet she was,
I touched her with my nose.

She giggled at me,
And I told her my name,
I heard her say "I’m Rose."
And I’ll never be the same.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Emily's Rose

A photo on the computer screen,
Mom from an old cousin received.
Emily sat at the screen,
Waiting for mom, so they could begin.

She looked at the picture of the rose,
Looked and twisted her head about,
“Mom where did this come from,”
she asked as she moved about.

Then all at once she began shouting
And dancing with glee.
“Momma, momma quick come look,
there is a pixie in that rose.”

She did squeal with delight,
“...it has a pixie face in it!”
Of course mom had to see,
And she too did look with glee.

“A Wyoming pixie rose,
a special one from out there,
a special rose to mom and me,
wonder if he did the pixie see?”

And so as things settled down,
Emily decided it was her rose.
And so it was a good day
As Emily now wants her pixie rose in a frame.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

The Fairy Rose

She had danced all night and she was tired,
Just a few minutes, she thought, as she lay her little head down.
Then I'll get up and fly home with the others:
Sweetie, Heavenly Love, Darling, and Flutters.

It was an early morning sunbeam that woke her,
When it kissed her cheeks and caressed her little face,
"Oh!" she said. She blinked and looked around,
"They left me here. I'm still on the ground."

Just then a honeybee flew in and sniffed her hair,
It crawled across her chin, stopped, and stared.
"You're different from the others," he pulled back and said.
"You've got a pixie face, and a nose that's rosy-red."

"That's cause I'm a fairy, not a rose."
"A fairy rose," he said. "You're a fairy rose."
She giggled a little and off he went,
To tell of the fairy the gods had sent.

She cried a little because she was alone.
It had been her first time to fly and she hadn't known
Not to tire herself so she would fall asleep.
She hadn't known she would sink in so deep.

Where are they? Will they come and get me?
The sun is hot, the petals are sticky.
The light hurts my eyes and my wings are flat,
Oh, please, please someone come back.

She saw Flutters first, and then Heavenly Love.
She clapped her hands and shook herself free.
"So there you are!" the fairies did say,
She fluffed her wings and the three flew away.

By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)

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The featured rose was grown and photographed by TOMWYO (tomWYO@aol.com)