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I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own verse and the poem must have a theme. This week only five of the six words or items had to be used.

Participants don't see a picture until the page is published.

This was the list for this past weekend (9-2-07)




a hubcap

little red schoolhouse


"Don't be foolish"

The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. They love feedback.

It's September and the children have returned to school
To modern buildings, air-conditioned against the heat
But one school stands alone and forlorn
The little red school house at the side of the road.

It's a rustic building with planks askew and peeling
A rusty hubcap lies against its doorway
Kudzu leaves cover most of its facade
A sadder sight I've never seen.

The children pass it by and wonder
How did children learn in one small room?
"Don't be foolish" says their teacher
"Children listened then with interest and respect."

The little red school house looks forlorn
And there was talk of tearing it down
But the children held a protest and won
The little red school house will stay.

Autumn's cooling weather dries
The kudzu leaves and turns them crinkly brown
The hubcap fills with water and provides
Refreshing drinks for all the migrating birds.

Grandma smiles at the little red school house
The place where she learned to read and write
It stands alone amid the progress of the times
A homely and warm memory of happy days past.

© By Frannie (

Rockville Covered Bridge Festival

Rockville, Indiana 1969

It was in September when the leaves were a beautiful hue,
When we went to the Rockville Covered Bridge Festival fall things to see and do.

The air was full of excitement with a cool September breeze.
We ambled around the rustic area with vigor and ease.

"Don't be foolish, we're not leaving until the little red school house we view."
"It is one of the main attractions on the tour that I want to view."

Our oldest daughter loved walking through the school house and looking at all the old things.
It reminded of her favorite "Little House On The Prairie", and with seeing it memories of the TV program brings.

On the way out we crossed over a covered bridge and saw a hubcap someone had lost.
It was one of several bridges that we had crossed.

Autumn is coded in my mind as a wonderful time of year.
The festivals bring me untold pleasure, delight and cheer.

September and October with wood smoke rising in the sky,
Make me nostalgic for years gone by

Photo by Phyllis Ann's Husband Phyllis & Daughter on porch of Little Red School House

© By Phyllis Ann (

Photo by Phyllis Ann's Husband
Phyllis and daughter on porch of Little Red School House.

The first of September and it was so warm,
As from the old Hudson
I pulled off a hub cap,
A hub cap that carried a code.

No this was not espionage
Just the code that would tell
If the hub cap was real,
Just a rustic village in nowhere.

The old Hudson was parked
Behind the little red school house
That I had built,
My retirement senility caper it was.

My wife, this was the fourth,
Had told me not to be foolish,
Act like the man you are,
Put on a suit and smoke a pipe.

I pried off the hubcap and looked inside,
My oh my I found a spiderís nest.
I cleaned it out and got my glass,
There was the code wanted by Jay Leno.

But as the other hubcaps I removed,
I saw something hanging down.
I crawled under and saw
The corner of a canvas bag.

I pulled out the back seat,
And found two old bank bags.
I jumped with joy and hurt my back,
When I stood up I hit my head.

So a limping and moaning, yes indeed,
I took the four hubcaps and two bank bags.
To my haven, my work shop,
First I checked the other three hub caps.

Then I opened the lightest bank bag
Oh my lord, I shouted in glee
As it was filled with hundred dollar bills.
Quickly I took a nitro pill and did look at the other bag.

I opened it, the heavy one
And it was filled with the same.
Two hundred twelve packs of hundreds there were,
Each worth ten grand.

I was rich, in heaven I was,
As I placed a call about the hubcaps.
Thirty seven fifty for each one,
I had done a good days work.

When I went to the house,
The wife began yelling because I was dirty.
So what I said and she screamed and replied,
For ten thousand dollars I would be out of here.

I handed her two packets and said,
Bye bye baby, hurry out the door.
She took the packets and was gone.
Me I sat grinning with two cats and an old dog.

So now I sit in the old school house,
Me, George, Sam and Old Fred.
We play cards and bourbon drink,
Lie and do have a good time.

Gosh I would like another old Hudson to find,
But shucks I am having a good time.
Sent three boys and a girl,
Across the hill to the University.

© By Tom (

"Don't be foolish," the professor said,
"Funds are low, our balance sheet shows red.
We have many buildings out of date,
Let's address today, nostalgia can wait."

No little red school house? Not this year?
The plan was to find one, bring it here.
Chalkboards, erasers, pot-belly stove,
The one to get was the school 'Pine Grove'.

It was spring and they still had time,
Over mountains they would need to climb,
The school was old and in disrepair,
Rustic and quaint, it still sat there.

The newspaper and some history,
Pictures, former teachers, no mystery,
A plea for donations, then wait,
They had set a late September date.

Over the weeks many letters arrived,
One dollar bills, tens, mostly fives,
Currency, checks, and one box came in,
A hubcap from an out-of-state send.

What to do with a box and hubcap,
A wooden pen, and tattered road map,
What did it mean, this map of the state?
She set it aside, it was getting late.

She couldn't sleep because of the map,
Was it meant to show where the school sat?
Was it coded, and why the hubcap?
For sure, it was a mystery in her lap.

The mystery was solved in September,
The school was moved in November,
The coded map had shown them where,
To find buried treasure free and clear.

© By Marilyn (

each september
fabulousfilly sundays
the little red school house opened
with squeals and deals
and smells of fall
the kid once again thought they knew it all

the rustic roof
with the red tile
got slippery when it rained
and then the sound of the train

its whistle sounding coded
came down the tracks
as the hobo toted
his goody sack

in the sack sticking out
was a shiny hubcap
without a doubt
stolen when someone took their nap

next time you nap dont be foolish
hobos abound in the foilage
lock everything tight
don t get in a fight.

next spetember when the little red schoolhouse
opens its door
may the hobos be gone forever more..

© By Amy (

September is starting today!
Uh-Oh is all I can say.
I slid through the summer,
THAT was a bummer!
I'd love it if August would stay.

A box of cereal that is un-coded,
At the register is very ill -boded.
Tried everything
And it still won't ring.
Let's hope the pricing gun is unloaded!

My hubcap just passed me on the road!
And I think it just hit a toad.
Caught him in mid-prance..
That frog just can't dance.
And under my tire he rode.

While walking through rustic woods,
Bearing groceries and other goods.
Little Red wished she was hiding,
'Cause the wolf was out riding.
And she's lost all of her hoods!

There was a little gray mouse.
Lived in the little red school house.
Where he brewed his own beer,
But he shouldn't do that here!
Methinks the rodent is a real souse.

"Don't be foolish." He told his girl.
I never went out with Pearl!"
Just Mabel and Suzanne,,
And the rest of that clan.
And one long weekend with Shirl.

© By Swampetta (

Makin' the Best of It

"Don't be foolish," Darlin,
You know we can't go back,
Like locking the barn after the horse is out,
The night's too dark and black.

That hubcap rattled down the road,
To stop for it would be too scary,
Someone might hit you or me,
We must, yes we must, be wary.

Why not just park and cuddle,
We're in the September of our lives,
Look at the stars, big as streetlights,
Think of days of no goodbyes.

So easy, behavior almost coded.
We knew what to do and just when,
It was a given when we'd get fairly scolded,
And told all the things that were sin.

Remember our "little red schoolhouse?"
Ours was yellow brick up on a hill,
We held hands around the May Pole,
Braiding and dancing with a trill.

Now here we are on a rustic road,
Our hubcap gone for good it seems,
Let's make the best, make a sweet memory,
Of the night we dared stop to dream.

© By Norma (















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