This is a picture of Gram, Joy, and Joy's granddaughter Kelsey. Gram will soon celebrate her 100th birthday and Joy, along with Kelsey, are making sure it will be a big event.

By the passing of hours
Days, months and years
Or by the laughter and loving
And times of great tears

By the increase in numbers
Of sweet babies and tots
Moving from apartments
To home with big lots

The days run together
And soon children are grown
And graduation and weddings
With families of their own

Through all generations
One thing does unfold
The mother who began this
Has never grown old

The world has changed greatly
Over and over, its told
But she remains in the moment
And she never grows old

In pictures of family
As the children mature
She is always recognized
Of this fact we are sure

With her hair the same color
Her figure still trim
Her posture erect
Filled with vigor and vim

Today we salute her
Shes our role model supreme
Mother, grandmother, great grandmother
Our still reigning Queen

Happy 100th Rachel

By Joy Johnson (





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