No Trespassing

Another challenge on our message board. If you would like to participate, come to the board. I post a challenge every weekend and you'll find the link HERE.

I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own verse and the poem must have a theme. This week only five of the six words or items had to be used.

Participants don't see a picture until the page is published.

This was the list for this past weekend ( 8-11-07 )


a no trespassing sign


a glass bottle


brass door knocker

"not this time"

The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. They love feedback.

No Trespassing

It was quiet as they walked
Hand in hand strolling the lane
They stopped to kiss and yes kiss
She was Sarah he was Shane

Glass bottle he held in hand
With wine from which they both sipped
Spying pond he asked her
If she with him skinny dipped

"Not this time," was her answer
"Someone on us might just spy"
So they continued walking
Came to a fence by and by

That was when they both noticed
Read the no trespassing sign
But they went on through the gate
They were drunk from sipping wine

A mansion of stone appeared
Working door knocker of brass
When no one came to answer
Both entered and bared their ass

After several months had gone
Went to museum of art
Hung was a well done charcoal
Their likeness caused them to part

By Sharon (

Not What It Seems To Be

Look at that big charcoal sign,
Rained on and peeling away,
Stop right here, right now,
Most interesting thing we've seen all day.

A store-bought "No Trespassing" sign
Would have been warning enough,
But "Trespassers will be shot?
Shall I climb through and just call their bluff?"

"Not this time" you don't,
Not a daredevil you know am I.
If you're that much a rebel,
I won't simply stand idly by."

So I sighed, just peeking through
The fence at an massive oak door.
Oh, if I could just knock that brass knocker,
Behind would be adventure galore.

"Shush, be quiet, you cowardly guy,
Curiosity now taking its toll,
I just want to know the kind of folks,
Who would do something so utterly bold."

"Well I wasn't gonna tell you," said he,
Turning up his glass bottle of beer
"It's just an old western gun-totin' movie set.
A museum of wax mannequins, my dear."

By Norma (

The moon was full and the woods divine,
Until I saw the "No Trespassing" sign.
"Uh-oh!" I thought,,"I shouldn't be here."
And I took off like a startled deer.

From the family picnic, I'd walked away.
It was down to beer and bologna anyway.
I was broke and on the dole.
All I brought was a bag of charcoal.

I saw a tree with a big door on it.
I stepped up and adjusted my bonnet.
To that door there was a track,
Took the brass door knocker and gave it a smack!

The door slid open just a tiny bit.
A big blue eye peered out through the slit.
A hand held a glass bottle of wine,
A voice spoke, "Have you got something of mine?"

Even the birds got quiet in the trees.
I began to feel weak in the knees.
I needed to get out of this place.
Before the eye got into my space!

A voice spoke,,,"Not this time" it said.
The door slammed right near my head.
I took off running and I'm running still,,
Just not my idea of getting a thrill!

By Swampetta (

No Trespassing

I squeezed her hand, she squeezed mine,
I knew that I was in luck.
But a no trespassing sign
Was blocking lovers lane.

But as our ardor grew
A bag of charcoal was in the way.
I kicked it aside and you know what?
It burst open so we had to go.

We went to the shed instead
But she stopped at the door and began to laugh,
“A brass door knocker on a shed door?”
I pushed it open and she was surprised.

On the table a glass bottle sat,
Holding a candle and nothing else,
She looked about and did shrug
It was my own sanctuary.

Oh so quiet it was indeed
As we did closely embrace,
But then the old barn own did hoot,
And we lost that special ambience.

She looked at me and began to laugh
“Not this time,” she did say.
I laughed and took her home,
Oh the love life of a married couple.

Ha haa and hee hee
tomWYO, 081307

By Tom (

German Shepherd Security

A no trespassing sign appeared on the gate,
And he had no intention of tangling with a German Shepherd knowing their trait.

Another sign appeared on the fence in case you would sue.
It read "My GSD can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds, can you"?

The front door had a brass door knocker, but it didn't look inviting.
The 104 pound dog was not one he felt like exciting.

A charcoal grill was on the porch where steaks had been grilled,
And a glass bottle was left for the milk man to refill.

The smell of meat still filled the air,
And the regal dog was laying on the porch with a keen-eyed stare.

The dog was not quiet and barking when he saw the milkman start up the path to the house with very slow steps.
"Not this time", the delivery man thought, And he turned around with his milk he had brought.

No milk for the Johnson family on milk delivery day that week.
Next time the dog was in the fence so the milkman would not have to any first aid seek.

By Phyllis Ann (

Cranberry Glass

Nora had had a rough day at work,
Her boss was a total jerk,
With computers down and him barking on the phone,
She had looked forward to a quiet evening at home.

That evening, however, she had art class,
The lesson being 'Oils on Canvas'.
But when she arrived she met, 'Miss Amanda Warhol',
A substitute. "Tonight we will work with charcoal."

What a let-down. Her evening was spoiled.
She had looked forward to painting with oil.
But not this time, she mused,
And she looked for charcoal sticks that hadn't been used.

A student complained she couldn't finish her 'No Trespassing Sign'.
It wasn't long until another began to whine,
Someone said, "I'm sculpting a door knocker in brass,
Charcoal is for beginners. This is an advanced class."

The lesson was a still life of 'Glass Bottles on Cloth'.
It would be drab in charcoal, but the shadows were soft.
She sketched an outline, studied it, heaved a sigh.
It needed life. It needed color. This she could not deny.

Red! One glass bottle was cranberry red.
She picked up a brush, smeared on some paint, angled her head.
Thank goodness Miss Amanda wasn't an alarmist,
She had approved of the red and called her a talented artist.

By Marilyn (

No Trespassing

Drawn in charcoal,
A “no trespassing” sign,
Hanging underneath
The brass door knocker.
I sat to wait,
But that mistake was mine,
A broken glass bottle
On the rocker!

I sat there as quiet
As I could be,
Afraid to move,
Lest the bleeding be worse.
Later, when all the blood
Had drained from me,
A doctor said, “Not this time,
Call the hearse.”

By RickMack (


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