I climb up on the dunes
And hear the music the sea plays.
My soul gathers up its ruins
for the ocean's healing ways.

The sun spreads its diamonds
Over the lines of crashing waves.
A galaxy of miniature suns,
Onto sparkling sands, it paves.

Sea birds dance and laugh overhead.
I begin to join in their glee.
Feels like I've returned from the dead.
The ocean sings songs to me.

The bubbles of creamy foam
Bathe my spirit and my soul.
I feel like I've come home
And reached my highest goal.

I'll be one of Posiedon's Mermaids!
Next time around, I'll have to wait.
Tease the fish with my long braids.
I hope that'll be my fate.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

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