I posted a new challenge on our message board and the poems are here for you to read. This was the challenge:

Each week-end, I put a list of items to use in a poem. They don't need to appear in order, but there can be just one thing or item per verse. Also, the poem needs a theme and not be just five separate verses.

This is the list for the week-end of July...



a socket-wrench

in the air

box or boxes

olive or olives


By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

He went sightseeing in a tool store
Bought a few things and then some more
He spent his time browsing as he shopped
Kept spending money couldn't stop

He came across a box of boxes
In them were traps to catch foxes
Not a hunter he didn't buy these
Store personal wanted to please

A socket wrench he appeared to like
It would fix his little boy's bike
Finally he decided to quit
His wallet was not a money pit

He went outside to enjoy the air
At the shoe store he bought a pair
Then he wondered to a grocery store
Bought a few things and then some more

He almost forgot olives to buy
These he need that was no lie
Come evening a martini he'd mix
Probably sometime around six


By Phyllis Ann(Starbird55@msn.com)

Angelica was sightseeing in Sicily with her Mother,
And she was excited about seeing her newly adopted brother.

The motor scooter that they rented was rather small,
But they had a socket-wrench for the padlock to uninstall.

In the air, there was always the hint of thievery so made a padlock necessary when parking.
You never knew when someone your presence was marking.

With boxes tied securely on the sides, they headed for the orphanage to see little brother.
All the papers were signed, and they knew that they wanted no other.

When they arrived, he greeted them with a big smile.
He knew they were having his favorite Pizza with olives in a little while.


By Tom (tomWO@aol.com)

It was a lazy day, too tired to work,
And not tired enough to loll,
So I just ambled up the lane,
Headed for the mailbox.

Not the sightseeing route,
Just the same old stuff,
Working on the green house, now brown,
And the next one’s garage door open.

Found a half inch socket-wrench, socket I did,
And I became so engrossed,
I walked into the ditch,
But did not fall down.

In the air I heard a buzz,
Looked about for a wasp or bumble bee,
Then my toe hit a small box
As Russian Olives trees I sensed.

Four small wooden boxes
Covered with long matted grass,
As the first one I pulled out,
In the air a buzzing smell.

I ran back home, I did,
Dang that flying thing did forget me,
But after dark you see,
I went back and got those boxes.


By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)

She liked being married, she liked her home,
But Josh was restless, he'd started to roam.
What to do, what to do....
How to save her marriage, she hadn't a clue.

Shirley Valentine had done it, so why couldn't she?
Shirley Valentine had gone to Greece, and vacationed by the sea.
Well, she could take off, but would he care?
Okay, to the coast she would go, she would travel in the air.

Olive Brandywine was no Shirley Valentine, but she had nerve,
She flew into Portland, hired a tour-guide named Merv.
"I want to travel the coastline, I want to sail on the sea."
"You chose the right man," he said. "It'll be just you and me."

She should have been suspicious, but she thought what the heck,
They hadn't gone twenty miles when they were stopped by a wreck.
Merv leaned out to complain, a policeman said,
"This car isn't going anywhere, you're 'Bank Robber Red'."

Olive saw a sightseeing trolley and bought a ticket,
She went back for her luggage and told Red to forget it.
They stopped in Camden, and she fell in love with the place,
This is where she would stay, she emptied her suitcase.

Three weeks later, she made a phone call to Josh,
Who sounded down, dejected, tired of Goulosh.
Would he box her things and send them? She gave him a name.
"You aren't coming home? You're staying in Maine?"

She rented a car from a man named De'Loupe,
Not only did he rent cars, but he owned a sloop,
He invited her out for a midnight sail,
Did she go? You bet. He sang like a nightingale.

He was the man of her dreams, she loved her new life,
Then Josh appeared, "What has happened to my wife?"
Your hair is different, you've lost some weight,
I want you back, this isn't your state.

On the way back home, their car had a flat,
Josh whined and stomped, and that was that.
She hauled out a socket wrench and changed the tire,
She made her way back to Camden, and found herself a liar.

De' Loupe, the rat, had another woman on his sloop,
A woman he could sing to, a woman he could dupe.
Well, Shirley Valentine had gone home and so would she,
She'd had enough of Maine, liars, and the sea.














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