Fireflies, lightning bugs we marvel at you on a summer's eve.
Butterflies and moths and caterpillers all make wonderful evenings.
Catch them but remember to turn them loose to catch another night.
Hear the tree frogs...a beautiful summer's night, to replay over and over.

When you are grown and look back at the evenings we spent as a family.
You can giggle and recall to mind the happiness we shared.
Take the dog out and let him play too.
Before dark pick four-leaf clovers.

Press your plant treasures between waxed paper in a heavy book.
You can use that for your book marker.
Or perhaps someone you know is having a bad time right now.
In which place you should give them the four-leaf clover.

And then first chance you get find another one.
I have seen people who found five and six-leaf ones.
I'm sure that is even luckier.
Good luck to you all.

By Barbara (

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