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By Marilyn (

This week's picture is a Robert Duncan painting titled Sunflowers. A mother is gathering tomatoes while her children play close by.

Home gardens are common in both suburban and rural areas. We also have road-side stands and farmer's markets where we can buy fresh produce. Some people are pot gardeners and grow their tomatoes on a deck. I grow my herbs in a pot and I keep them near my kitchen so they're easy to get to when I'm cooking and need a few fresh herbs.

I hope the picture inspires you to compose a poem or write a little short story. Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.



By Amy (

way out west we have a town
with sunflowers all around
they are giant, tall and pretty
so away we go me and kitty

we take a drive not too long
out of town, now dont turn wrong
down a dirt road we do go
oh how i love it so

all of a sudden we see the town
sunflowers blooming all around
we take a picture snap snap snap
now kitty shouts thats a wrap.....



By Mikey (

I remember on one our trips out west while traveling through North Dakota (on a two lane road, our choice) way off in the distance was a large patch of yellow. We could not figure out what it could possibly be never having seen sunflowers other than the one I had in the backyard. As we drew closer how amazed we were at the sight of many acres covered in sunflowers, all following the sun. It was a sight I will never forget!

Then a couple of years later while visiting my brother-in-law in Georgia he too was growing sunflowers. He had a large farm and was experimenting with different crops. Needless to say after he went through the drying of the seeds he never grew sunflowers again.


Canning Time

By Phyllis Ann (

Mama went out to pick in the field on a late summer morn.
No time to play when there was work to be done, especially the corn.

The little ones could take time out to play,
But Mama wanted them close by to stay.

Canning was a full time job when the tomatoes came in.
Canning day included some of Mama’s kin.

Aunt Susan, and cousin Ruth helped for a portion of the delectable fruit.
They talked and laughed and made it a fun time and a worthwhile pursuit.

Uncle Fred along with cousin Jess,
Helped the women with some of the chores and helped clean up the mess.

Baby Miranda played on the floor,
And Flossie and Freddy ran out the door.

Sunflowers for a bouquet was what they wanted to pick.
Mamma was proud to put them in a vase on the table right quick.

They wouldn’t wilt for quite some time,
And made the kitchen sunny like a bright new dime.

Late summer was a time for work and fun,
It was a time for both work and pleasure in the warm summer sun.



By Sharon (

Mom had a beautiful vegetable garden. We never ceased to have fresh vegetables no matter what the finances were at the time. But the thing I remember most are the sunflowers. Every year she planted them, just to watch the Orioles. Orioles love sunflowers, and every year they would come to enjoy the seeds.



By Joy (

Late summer finds us picking
Tomatoes left on the vine
Cucumbers hiding slyly
Grapes itching to become wine

The children are towered over
By the tall and stately sunflowers
Watching as we are harvesting
Searching for bounty by the hours

Sunshine beaming down on us
But much cooler in the rows
We search for treasures blindly
Using our hands and eyes and hoes

A day at the end of Summer
We are sorry that it won't last
But the lovely days of Autumn
Come when Summer days are past


Helping Hand

By Emiliano (

While facing the sun
the sunflowers dance
slowly and easy
enjoying the breeze
along the day’s light.

The harvest continuous
with hard work… no fun
except for two children helping to their mom.

She is focused and busy
picking up the fruits matured enough
to fill up her basket
and why not... my mind
because of that picture that captured my heart.


Hidden Treasure

By Swampetta (

Why go to a store
When I have all I want and more?
Some tomatoes red and round,
And some peppers here abound.

You know I've been planning
To learn to do some canning.
My Grandma always did just that.
But she did have it all down pat.

I will have to learn as I go.
And I will just take it slow.
And on a Winter's chilly night,
Summer's fruits make a welcome sight.



By Tom (

When I was a lad, a large garden we did have.
Grew most of what we in the winter ate.
Tomatoes to eat, tomatoes to can,
Tomatoes to throw at my sister Anne.

But one thing as a young lad I knew,
When the sunflowers got big
It was watermelon time,
Time to momma and poppa’s work enjoy.

As the sun slowly southward moved,
The garden became ripe with all kinds of food,
Punkins and watermelons, tomatoes oh so plentiful,
And green beans which I helped to pick.

Cabbages larger than my head,
Turnips so sweet to raw eat.
Popcorn always a few ears,
A full and happy family we were.

Momma canned and dried stuff too,
Gave lots to neighbors and friends.
Back then everyone was neighborly,
Back when I was a child.



By Norma (

Round flower faces
Curious, protective,
Watch over babes
And mom’s
Sunshine labors.

Tomatoes that squirt in the mouth,
And a bit of kale or cabbage,
A garden is a heavenly thought,
Approval of the flowers,
The Creator’s graces.


There once was a house
Sea-green stucco it was,
On an old western street.
We rented it because,

It had a split back yard,
Yes, a fence through the middle,
The front flowers and grass,
Mowed neat as a fiddle.

The back half was wild,
Where I spent sweet time abiding,
Among sticky sunflower stalks,
And castor beans for hiding.

I loved that in two old yard
I remember it affectionately well,
With my black little black weiner dog,
We’d run and play pell-mell.

Nobody found us,
But then nobody tried,
Some things are just for pleasure,
And that child-warm feelin’ inside.



By Barbara (

Time to pick the sunflowers to enter in the fair. Then to pick and dry the seeds. Save some seeds to plant next year, as nature has planned again.

Plant some seeds on the gardens edge, and add some to the corn rows. Don't forget to save some to roast and eat. Very healthy eating.

In the fields the flowers are so big and colorful. Giants in the flower rows. See the seeds and color? Now look at the petal color. A work of nature.

Mother Nature never makes mistakes, she shines on and on. Now I see people have planted fields of red poppies. In the islands on the interstate are rows of canna lilies. In some places the crepe myrtle grows in white and rose colors. So much beauty to admire as we drive...A nice rainbow of colors but the sun flowers provide more. They offer food for birds and people, and eye-candy for the passersby.




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