I have my yellow boots on to walk
And I get some strange looking stares
Why would people stop and gaze at me
My boots are matching well in pairs

Just because I live in the desert
We rarely get rain and no snow
It shouldn't matter to another
If I wear yellow boots to go

Maybe I should get nice cowgirl boots
But I like these rubber ones fine
They are a bit difficult I know
To walk over rocks in a line

Most people here wear some tennis shoes
Or sandals to walk the terrain
But sandals or tennis shoes don't work
To keep cactus from causing pain

I shall continue to wear these boots
Rubber and floppy and yellow
Perhaps I will gather a fist up
And slug the nose of that fellow

© By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

Yellow Boots

I have my yellow boots on to walk,
A polka dot pink leotard, too.
What do I care how people may talk?
Crossdressing is a thing that I do.

If you will take notice of my hair,
Youíll see that Iím wearing a pink bow.
For colorful clothes, I have a flare,
Making folks stare wherever I go.

These boots that Iím wearing are brand new,
And Iím hoping that soon it will rain,
So I can learn if moisture gets through,
If so, Iíll just bring them back again.

My blouse is made of purple burlap
That once held five pounds of potatoes.
There was enough left to make a cap,
But I lost it. Thatís how the wind blows.

Underneath it all, Iím still all man,
Virile and steeped in testosterone;
But I wear womenís clothes when I can,
Or transvestites would leave me alone.

I really enjoy their company,
And love strutting around in the park -
A regular fashion show, you see,
And strange behavior after dark!

© By Rick (Rmrickmack@aol.com)

I Have My Yellow Boots On To Walk

The clouds have a black-rimmed hole,
And it's a hundred and two in the shade
Boring as it sounds to you
I have my yellow boots on to walk the glade.

To escape, I will turn off my mind,
And imagine deep purple forests,
Or lapping lakes of foaming waves,
No stopping at all for rests.

In my red Corvette I'll speed,
As my mind roams completely asunder,
Or I even may saddle a steed,
Do my ears hear the rumbling of thunder?

I'll think of my beauty shop hair,
Waving in that thunder's breeze,
While I slap that steed's left thigh,
Racing with a handsome dude, a tease.

Though I may get soaked to the skin,
The meaning of life I'll have discovered
You must wear some clothes with your yellow boots,
Don't go out in the rain uncovered.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Time For Yellow Boots Again

I have my yellow boots on to walk, the ones that my daughter gave me for Christmas last year.
She knows how cold my feet get in damp weather; she is such a dear.

The cold weather is approaching, and the dampness goes to my bones it seems.
The insulated, water proof boots are really a dream.

They keep my feet dry and toasty on these misty morning walks.
Sometimes I see a neighbor, and I enjoy the company and the talks.

Soon the snow will come along with the ice.
It is not my favorite time of year, and I donít think it is nice.

However, we donít get many ice and snow days here in the Southeast.
So, all in all I guess the weather is something I should worry about the least.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

I Have My Yellow Boots On To Walk

Every morning I take the walk over the hill to get the paper. Yeah, I know it would be so much easier if I just had it delivered instead of walking a mile each way to get it; especially since how poor papers have become. It has become a ritual so I get up, do my thing, make the coffee and head for the door. My two dogs know what is going on so they are ready for their morning exercise.

Living in what was once described as the The Great American Desert we do not get much rain and in the winter we get snow but it usually is not that deep so I donít need a rain suit or snow shoes.

My son and his family came for a visit and here at five-ten in the morning little Mike was up and of course it had rained for three days and was raining so I got my Wellies and put them on along with my old black slicker to go get the paper. ďWant to go get the paper with grandpa,Ē I asked little Mike.

He looked at me, craned his head and squinted, and then he got down on the floor and looked. As he stood he said, ďGrandpa you have yellow boots on like mine, why do you have your yellow boots like mine on?Ē

I smiled, ďI have my yellow boots on to walk,Ē I replied.

He looked at me, ďWell, I will pass grand pa, because I do not have my yellow boots to walk with you.Ē I laughed all the way to the mail box and back.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

I Have My Yellow Boots On To Walk

I was going to go for a run,
If the clouds went to show the sun.
But with all this thunderstorm talk,
I have my yellow boots on to walk.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)





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