Evening comes, the shadows grow long,
I hear no birds, only barking dogs.
The solace and security I did feel,
Are now ennui and disillusionment.

Where is the sweet song of the meadow lark?
I hear no robinís pleasant trill.
Only the dark closing in,
And those dogs' incessant barking.

It is the evening, it is the fall,
Only those caterwauling dogs.
I close the windows, I close the doors,
As some music I do play.

Fall has come; it is upon us,
It is the change of the seasons.
The temperature does drop,
It is so cool; soon it will be cold.

Shoes, long trousers and long shirt,
I do take from the closet.
I feel so sad and so glum,
As those dogs I still hear barking.

I sit in my big chair, a book in my hand.
The road less taken runs through my mind,
As I do look about.
Where have the roses gone?

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Tom also took the photograph.




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The featured image was photographed by TOM (TOMWYO@aol.com).