Autumn leaves are falling
On ground that's parched and bare
Sunny days and cool fall nights
Have turned the leaves to gold.

The garage door must be closed
Or the leaves come flying in
And they crunch beneath my feet
As I walk into the kitchen.

Hummingbirds are staying near
They haven't begun their trip
To warmer winter climates
They'd better get moving soon.

Cats and dogs and squirrels
Bluebirds, rabbits and chipmunks
Forage in the woody backyard
Looking for food and drink.

Flowers keep on coming
Wishing me "get well quick"
Reds, golds, browns and orange
They light up my world with sunshine.

Fifty degrees this morning
Snuggled under the covers
Now it's in the eighties
And the fan is turned on high.

By Frannie (






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