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I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own stanza and the poem must have a theme. Participants must use at least 5 of the 6 words, or use all 6.

They don't see a picture until the page is published.

This is the list for this weekend (10-20-07)




room with a view




The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. They love feedback.

Brown County

Ted was an apprentice glass blower at a quaint shop on tourist row in Brown County.
The day was a beautiful October 20th, with Autumn pumpkin stands revealing their bounty.

Down at the Hotel, people were lined up for lunch clear out the door.
Turnips, squash, fried biscuits and sassafras tea filled the menu, and the smells from their kitchen made you want more.

Rooms were scarce at the Inn this time of year,
And a "Room with a view" might reveal a golden hillside with some Brown County deer.

The paper said there might be a frost in the morning, but the sun during the afternoon was sure to reveal a sky bright and clear.
Wood smoke could be seen rising from the chimney at the Inn, And guests began their journey to the dining room where a grand buffet did appear.

Ted was busy doing his penny in a miniature jug, a favorite with all the visitors to the town,
While ladies looked in the jewelry shop to view the hand painted silver charm bracelets which would make a frown turn upside down.

Autumn in Brown County is beautiful to behold,
And fond memories of its charm is a story to be told.

© By Phyllis Ann (

Autumn Doings

I went looking through the paper today.
Just to see what they had to say.
The diner's got a special on liver.
Might be worth a trip cross the river.

A coupon for half price turnips.
New color of gloss for my lips.
Ads for stuff that I don't really want.
Picture of a house with its own haunt.

"Roomate wanted but no smoking here"
They'll let you in if you buy the beer.
"Room with a view" right off the hall
'Course the window looks out on a brick wall.

Apprentice job open work with a plumber.
Name of the firm is "Real Dumb and Dumber"
"Lost & Found" says Granpa wandered away.
He does that near every day.

On Green Acres farm some pumpkins they stole.
Some they smashed up, others left whole.
The farmer is waiting with a shot gun.
If they come back, they better know how to run!

Look at that! A diamond bracelet for sale.
Says; "Never Worn" I bet there's a tale.
Reading the paper gives you the scoop.
What a way to kind of keep in the loop!

© By Swampetta (

Paper and Other Excesses

The corporate guys with gray flannel suits,
And brief cases swinging on arms to boot,
Came around to the conference room,
"Computers will bring paper to its future doom"

That was back in ‘84,
When a young apprentice stood in the door,
With a knowing smile, he listened with care,
A secret plan behind his twinkling stare.

He'd been trying to find a career,
Didn't fall off a turnip truck, he made quite clear,
Really didn't like the sound of work,
But he was a man and he wouldn't shirk.

It had hit him like a thunder bolt,
Put your money in paper, don't follow the goat,
Smug and delighted he turned his learning,
He could be lazy and still be earning.

The pumpkins were ripe, the corn was tall,
His mind wandered outside to the fall,
So bored was he with all their palaver,
But polite he would be, sit still as a cadaver.

Now it's decades later, the apprentice vindicated,
More paper than ever, now he's satiated.
For far from paper getting its due,
It's stacked to all ceilings, blocks rooms with a view.

It's shredded and colored and makes computer runs
It has blue lines and folded, boxed, in recycled tons,
Our apprentice now is filthily rich,
Billing computer guys down more than a niche.

Why just today, a citrine bracelet he gave,
To a corporate guy's ex-wife he craftily craved,
They have a grand condo up high in the sky,
Where they can watch papers like rain flutter by.

© By Norma (

The Apprentice

She owned a flower shop, lived upstairs,
"A room with a view," the ad had said,
Watch people in the park, they won't care,
Or in the fall, sip tea and watch the leaves turn red.

Gladiolas, gardenias, roses, mums,
A busy part of the city, next to Central Park,
People coming and going, hawkers, drums,
Admittedly, she best liked the view after dark.

She sold a lot of flowers, made a lot of money,
Decided the help she had was not enough,
She hired a long-hair, an apprentice, a honey,
Realized right away he knew his stuff.

He wore a bracelet, an earring, shirts of floral design,
He was friendly, pleasant, and created with a flair.
Shipments arrived early, flowers of every kind,
Orchids, exotic 'Birds of Paradise', arriving by air.

He was artistic, his carvings were neat.
Ha! thought she, but for New Yorkers? we'll see.....
A big smiling pumpkin on a circle of bittersweet?
It sold in an hour and the decorator wanted three.

Turnips? They'll never sell! At the apprentice, she did yell.
Please? he begged, please let me try,
And oh what originality! Every thing he created sold well.
His turnip faces ringed with cabbage roses sent sales to the sky.

© By Marilyn (

The Newspaper

Opened the paper and began to read,
Mostly about yesterday’s football loss,
And about a policeman,
Who has dialysis three times a week.

Then I saw a picture of turnips piled high
Lady selling them by the side of the road.
Hate cooked turnips, yes I do,
But love raw ones to like an apple eat.

Then saw a picture for Rio with
A house built on a seaside cliff.
Room with a view, my oh my,
Only if I were rich, I could have too.

Then there was an apprentice,
Griping about how long before
A journeyman he could become,
Six months is all he wants, these new kids????

Then the local punkin contest,
Seven hundred pound one wins in this town.
Lordy, how many pies can it make?
Think I would be tired of punkins by the last one.

The new women’s golf bracelet was shown,
Rush right out and buy my wife one,
Thirty three hundred bucks they are,
Glad my wife does not play golf.

The wind is a howling as the snow comes down,
Think some beef barley soup I will make.
Then finish yesterday’s crossword,
And perk another pot of coffee.

© By Tom (

Autumn Doings

we made pumpkins my child and I
he wanted a frown
to look down
i wanted a smile
he was my apprentice that whole day
i put on a bracelet and he say

why the bracelet, on him grandpa
why not some paper hat this fall
we picked some turnips and ornamental grass
and decorated the room with a view
of the front walk in the autumn
well land sakes alive i think we got em

© By Amy (

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