cameo brooches around a pretty neck
veils of lace
stockings of net
a pretty face

ole fashioned folks
could tell a joke
dress to the nines
for a walk in the pines

using little umbrellas
they called parasols
singing tra-la-la,
it used to cleanse their souls

driving in a buggy all over town
that ole wooden buggy went up and down
bounced the kids all around
and some even fell and hit the ground

dusty streets,
lamplighters were neat.
cops carried billy sticks on their beat,
back then they earned the name of flat feet

from new york to san fran
the pony express ran,
everyone would wait for him
awating anything that had been penned

barn raising, log cabins, fairs and more,
got us all away from our chores.
gatherings like these
we were pleased

food galore
and whole lot more.
hope this took you back to the days of yore,
sometimes it's worth going back for


By Amy (








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