My one grandma is old,
And boy is she gray,
She walks all bent over
In a funny sort of way.

My one grandma she is dour,
And she does not smile a lot,
Boy she never seems to have
A very good or happy day.

But that is my one grandma,
Can't you see? Yes she is old,
And she is no longer bold,
And does not seem to enjoy life at all.

But come with me and see
How my other grandma rolls,
She must be old, but oh she is neat,
Some say she will not act her age.

She runs and goes and often plays,
Plays like a young kid,
Laughing and romping all day.
That is what my mom says.

My mom often complains,
That her mom puts her to shame,
For grandma's body, is very fine,
And she always know what is the time.

When she and mom
Go to the store, mom always seems to mind,
For grandma's lines are more
Sleek than her younger own.
And the other day I heard grandma talking,
To a friend about making hay.
Mom says, grandma is too sexy for her age,
And should slow down and be refined.

But to me, you know what?
My grandma is quite a kick and boy
She is fun to have about.
Her boobs do not flop and bounce about,

They stand up and stick way out.
Her stomach is flat and doesn't
Wriggle, like my mom's big bowl of jelly,
Not even a little.

I am supposed to be too young
To know about all those things,
But darn I know,
My grandma is one sexy machine.

My dad must think the same
For he ogles grandma as if to say
Boy I hope my wife is like
That when she grows old and gray.

Hey do not get all
Het up and stir about,
For we kids we hear
And know a lot about the
Things you talk about.

The ones you hope
We do not hear or listen to.
So if this is risqué,
Then stop and think about
The way you talk
When we kids are about.

But oh the point here
Is only to say,
I love my grandma
In her own different way.
And I too hope my mom
Is like her when she grows old.

© By Tom (






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