I watch her as she comes and goes. She used to dress so perfectly. Purse and matching shoes always. I didn't envy her, but admired her. So young and full of life, and I had slowed down as life became heavy. I remember being full of life.

This year she bought a new car, funny how things change. I have kept the old car and his things for a long time. But quickly she moved on with her life. As if she never stopped to catch her breath, never breaking her stride. I wonder how to do that.

I guess that is why I watch her. Her smile is so easy and mine is an effort. She comes and goes with friends, and alone but stays very busy. She had a workman come and do minor repairs on the house.

I see her giving dinner parties and having friends, and her job. I keep losing my friends. We are so old and once our life was full. Once in awhile I have a good day and meet with old friends or relatives.

How I wish I was young again, no not really. For I have lived a full life, and am thankful for all the days and people who lived through it with me.

Now I notice she is not dressing as perfectly, and the car is not a sports car.

Sometimes at night I look across the street and notice her lights are all on. Perhaps things are not as perfect for her as I thought. Now I don't envy or admire another, I am just thankful I walk in my shoes, choose my own path.

I give thanks for my blessings. And there have been many blessings, and they are still coming, like the new grandson.

By Barbara (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)










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