I got cramps back in ninety-four,
At night while I was fast asleep.
Boy, was my lower left leg sore,
Pain nearly causing me to weep.

Must have been thirteen years ago,
But that ache I never forgot.
The next day, a fellow I know
Told me something I thought was rot.

“Put a bar of soap neath the sheets,”
Was the sage advice that he gave,
“That stops cramping in legs and feet.”
Straight-faced, I listened to him rave.

I ignored him and went my way,
But later on I told my spouse.
“It can’t hurt,” she was quick to say,
Commensing to vacuum the house.

Cramps in bed bothered me no more,
And the matter faded from mind.
Till today, where linen we store,
Under sheets, some soap did I find.

My wife may have gotten it wrong,
But, long distance, soap worked the cure.
Ivory’s power is sure strong -
Ninety-nine point nine percent pure.

© By RickMack (rmrickmack@aol.com)








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