When I lie beside you
Do you feel me there ?
Do you feel the love
we so often share ? ~

Each morning when I awake
and you're lying by my side
It gives me great joy --- and one
I can't seem to hide ~

Have you ever wondered
what I saw in you ?
I'd be willing to bet
you've not even a clue ~

Does sweetness come to mind
or was it passion back then ?
Possibly it was the writings you wrote
.....and the sadness I saw in them ~

Remember the picture I'd sent
---- that time on our chat ?
You became speechless then said,
' Do you really look like that' ?

Then one day you vanished
------ left without a trace
but knew I'd find you again
----- somewhere in cyberspace ~

Since I've yet to meet you,
the years have come and gone
but I always keep you close
by playing a certain song ~

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)

Connie also created the featured image.






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