It seems 'twas just a year ago,
October was here with its glow
And now it's back again with flare -
I swear

I haven't had recovery time
From when it last appeared, sublime
Too much, too soon, appears that link -
I think.

I do not favor Hallowe'en
And pumpkin pies have lost their sheen
Things aren't the way they used to be,
you see.

Seems to be a lot of tension
At the holidays of mention
Couldn't we attempt a new device?
How nice!

No one ever posed the question,
But I'll enter my suggestion
No offense to those who love to party
Hearty -

Drop some holidays from roll
Just get to the Super Bowl
I bet a lot of people would agree
With me.

Think of money and of time
Spent on these in every clime
Unappreciated increases in debt -
You bet-

Of course, it's not October's fault -
But wouldn't it be nice to halt
A quarter of the year (or less)
of stress?


By Bob (








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