On that spooky Halloween night, when the sky was dark and the moon shown bright, three children went out with their bags to gather goodies. One was clad in rags, pretending to be a bag lady. The strange thing about him was that he was a twelve year old boy dressed as a woman. One was costumed in a pirate's outfit. She was his sister, age nine years. And then there was a smaller child, dressed as a superhero. He was their baby brother, age of six. Following a distance behind them, their father and mother kept a close watch out for their safety, but far enough behind so they could feel they were doing this all on their own.

The bag lady, the pirate, and the superhero would go along to each house, mount the porch steps, and yell, "TRICK OR TREAT". And someone nice would come out and put goodies in their bag.

That was until they got to the middle of the block. That house had no goodies to give out. The woman who lived there was very poor and could not afford to buy goodies. So, when they came to her door and she explained, with tears in her eyes, that she could not afford to give them anything, they felt sad for her. They each gave her what they had in their bag, to distribute to other children who would come a knocking at her door. She was astounded by their kindness and did not know how to repay them. So she simply said thank you and they went on their way, without goodies in their bags but happier. After all, they could always get more goodies from the other houses on their route.

The next morning, when their father came out of the house to get his newspaper, he found a handwoven basket on the porch. Inside the basket was a small scruffy black puppy. A note was attached to the handle of the basket, "To the kind children who gave me their treats."

He brought the basket inside. He wasn't at all sure he should do so. A puppy was a lot of responsibility. But he couldn't leave the pup outside in the cold. He took it into the kitchen where he found left over scraps in the refrigerator . He took the meat scraps out and put them in a little bowl. Along side the bowl, he put another bowl with water in it. The pup was busy enjoying his breakfast when the children awoke and came downstairs for their breakfast. Of course there were squeals of delight.

The noise of the happy children awoke their mother. When she came downstairs, she wasn't as delighted; a puppy was a lot of responsibility. But she could not resist the smiles of her children and consented to them keeping it. But at the same time she frowned at her husband for bringing the pup into the house. He smiled sheepishly back at her.

The children spent the next few hours trying to decide on a name for the pup. They finally decided to name him Spook. After all, he came to them on Halloween. So Spook he became. Later, they went out to play. Many of the neighborhood children were bragging about how much candy they had received. The Wilson children had less candy to brag about, but they had something better. A new puppy.

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)











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