poverty is still a state of mind
it is about our soulAttitude towards life

had a friend who with all good intentions
moved to a supposedly poverty struck country
to teach them his skills and found himself learn
about the richness and joy the family life
their sense of community and support
for one another, with always having time
to heal a hurt and making nuff music
to set your feet a dancing

poverty is being ordered around
poverty is being buckled up and driven around
as others keep their schedule
its being woke up from your sleep
never letting your mind finish the tasks it tends to
while we are asleep as once, in this dream state
on having been conceived and it took nine months
to catch our first breath and stretch stretch stretch
as every baby does to limber itself up and muscle in
on all it learns do as its developMend continues

poverty is a child not give its mother's breast
and be nourished by the food ever so spacifically designed
with it in mind, for strenghtening its immune system
wrap your off spring in the loving touch
those who we so welcomed with open arms
as being a miracle . . . and soon cast aside mid words
of I love you's replacing our being there , being present
instilling our values, sharing our presence

poverty is feeling lost . . being depressed and handed a bottle a pills
to numb you to your pain instead of letting yourself tear through all
which has you sorrow about life's no longer working for you

poverty is believing that if you haven't got a certain
be it a fancy pair of blue jeans from The Gap or an Osh Kosh kid
and sorry, know even I is years behind the time since all the latest
which has come on line, the in thing, the drug thats driv by advertizing
as to what will have us rate in another's eyes

its all an illusion, like our thinking we can protect ourselves
by arming our selves with the weapons of war

i think the more we try to protect ourselves the more vulnerable we become
at our focus more and more on less and less and so creating ever grander holes
in the fabric of life, the sense of communty which leaves us open to dealing
with any give
and yes, begining to feel like it finally time to stop and shake me head
on remembering all those who asked a simple question, even even that
and were soon snowed under by such a hype of ansers

can only wish
this messiPanic pillGRIMage falls way easy
as summer leaves the maples coat of many colours
lets loose as once it did its wingnuts whirly birds
and flutterbyes on trusting the wind will carry
their spin from the dizzying heights
of nature's arming earth with a heavenly shady deal
for long as needed and letting the evergreen
needling heaven to earth year round
their inspiring stand
boughs bend
as if in prayer
beneath a snow white coverlet
of such unimaginabe cryStall icing beauty
it takes your breath away

we brush it aside, we plough it away
because the busyness of making money
has left people so poverty struck

there is no time to catch your breath
no time, to hear your feet crunch in the snow
with every step we take

no jingle bells as the horse

By Smiles (Smiles posts on our message board and you may contact her HERE.

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