Halloween was just about here,
And Samantha clearly upset.
Her frisky mood was growing drear,
The nearer that dread day did get.

It didn’t worry most felines,
Who howled outside on a high fence;
Or for garbage trucks made beelines,
Following those delicious scents.

For her friends, frolicking freely,
Feline life went as usual,
Spending days meowing gleely,
In strident tones unmusical.

But Samantha, at Halloween,
Had a special curse on her back –
At night she could barely be seen,
For she was entirely black.

And on that eve of bewitching,
Poor Sam became a nervous wreck.
Her yellow eyes began twitching,
And hair stood straight up on her neck.

It seemed witches always chose her
To accompany them that night,
It appears they preferred black fur
To help accentuate the fright.

Sam, herself, was easy to scare,
When witches were flying about.
She had learned to detest her hair -
Considered rooting it all out.

But this year wouldn't be the same.
She wouldn’t even try to hide.
She’d no more play the witches game -
O’er her head pouring peroxide.

© By RickMack (rmrickmack@aol.com)








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