"How long until Christmas?"
Remember when you asked?
It was in the middle of July,
As in the sun you basked.

Didn't the world move slower then?
We wanted to push the clock ahead.
A week took almost forever.
And time was made of lead.

But the hours they still passed.
And then the months and years.
Time started to move a bit quicker,
As though we'd greased the gears.

One day you held your baby,
And you blinked and he was three.
A nod and he's a young boy,
Climbing up a tree.

Don't you want to go back,
And slow the whole thing down?
Why is your baby girl
Dressed in a wedding gown?

And now the day after Christmas,
While the snow is still on the ground,
You start planning Easter dinner.
Because the clock is spinning 'round.

Sure, there's still 24 hours
In every single day.
But it's awful hard to capture them
Before they run away.

Throw out all your watches!
Take the clock from the kitchen wall!
Count the minutes your own way
Like leaves dropping in the Fall.

Saying, "How long 'til Christmas?"
They answer, "It was the week before last."
Is Grannie getting sort of silly?
Or just catching up on the past?


By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)








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