Not a lot of time together
Two short days every other week
Trying to stuff the days full
Trying to say all the words we need to speak
Like so many others I am a weekend dad
Not an each but an every other weekend dad
Storms of life and other situations
Took away all the happiness I had
One of his favorite places to go
Is to the beach where we play and walk
He chases the gulls and the waves
And sometimes we just sit and talk
He tells me of the sports he plays
How things are going in his world
Sometimes he even asks me questions about girls
I try my best to give him good advice
From all the things i've learned recently
About respect and manners and to always be nice
The weekends always come to an end too fast
And he clings to me when it's time to go
It breaks my heart to leave him each time
And I take him back home, but we really go slow
Every other weekend is not enough
But that's the way it's got to be
I'll take whatever time I can get
And spend it with him, just my boy and me

By susi Taylor (











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