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Farewell to Summer

By Marilyn (

This morning when I woke and checked the temperature outside, it was 45 degrees. Last week it was in the high 80's. For me, these cool mornings are most welcome and I'm ready to say Farewell to Summer.

The summer has been both pleasant and not so pleasant. As most of you know, my part of Maryland is experiencing a drought. Crops have failed and garden plants have required a lot of hand watering. On the other hand, there has been plenty of sunshine for those who like sun and sand.

One thing I did this summer was to go to the Maryland State Fair. I love the fair. I take my camera and photograph the animals. I take pictures in the Home Arts building, too. I enjoy the quilts, the flower arrangements, and the many other crafts. The building is large and there is a lot to see.

I spent a lot of time in my backyard this summer, pulling weeds mostly, but I also planted a few new perennials. I had to do a lot of watering, plus I had to battle the deer. I finally gave them a STRONG-smelling message that I didn't appreciate their eating my hostas, and thank goodness they haven't been back.

Ben and I don't travel during the summer months but now that it's cooler, we're looking forward to our annual trip to Maine.

What was your summer like? Are you ready to bid it farewell? Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.


Farewell to Summer

By Doris (

Ah, the cool Canadian breezes are on their way down the Hudson River, and the leaves are changing their green skirts for more colorful ones to twirl in those breezes! Thank you Canada! : )

Summer has never been one of my favorite seasons. Even as a young person I didn't look forward to the heat and humidity. The apartments in Brooklyn were SO hot we had to sleep on the fire escapes most summer nights. It was fun, but the "skeeters" had a feast on us kids!

Jim the Ice Man would come around with the huge blocks of ice and let us kids hang off the back when he stopped, and grab chunks of ice that he'd 'accidentally' chop and drop : ) What a neat guy he was. I remember it was 25 cents to fill the ice box in the kitchen. I don't think it lasted more than 2 or 3 days with mom making pitchers and pitchers of lemonade and iced tea to quench our thirsts!

When times got better we had one fan for the six "railroad" rooms, and it would be in the living room window. We all sat on the floor in front of it trying to stay cool. That wasn't easy with 6 of the 10 of us at home. If you got up to go potty you lost your place and had to wait till someone else had to go so you could get closer to the fan LOL What fun! : ) I remember my brother putting the fan on a bench in front of the ice box with the door open, hoping for a cool wasn't too bad, but when mom caught us, and saw the ice melting so ran off to Highland Park and the sprinklers!

Now...summer is all about high electric bills trying to stay cool with the AC's on all day...and sometimes all night! Give me autumn, winter and spring...and let summer stay in the deserts where it belongs!


Farewell to Summer

By Amy (

the tadpoles are turning into frogs
they swim across all the logs
the frost will soon be coming after the heavy dews
and we will all be freezing, and covering up our tees

summer is waning, in places
but in phoenix we are still in the races
sunny and warm
starting at dawn

our frost will hit
in a little bit
and then we will be aching
and start the holiday baking

so farewell to summer in some parts of the land
i know you all can understand
that summer here lasts for a long time
and to most of us this is just fine


Cool Is AComin' Soon

By Mary (

Sweltering describes those
hazy, lazy days a summer;
sweater~weather'll be a wonder.

Gone'll be tha fishin' trips
ta that favrite fishin' hole;
birds n bees change their abodes
headin' straight fer that South Pole:-)

Trees'll change their garments, too,
ta gold n orange n reds;
even chubby bears'll find their
warm n cuddly beds.

Punkins will be agrowin'
fillin' every punkin patch;
Jack~O~Lantern faces'll glow n
grandmas'll be bakin' another batch:

A those mouth~waterin' cookies,
tarts n candy n cakes n pies;
won't need sunglasses any more
ta keep tha sun's glare from our eyes.

Lovebugs'll be aswarmin' fore long,
won't be hot no more at noon;
say farewell ta Summer, folks,


Farewell To Summer

By susi Taylor (

I really hate to see summer leave
Not looking forward to the sweatshirt sleeve
I'm not ready to bid summer farewell
But it's rushing to Autumn, headlong and pell-mell

This summer gave me time everyday on the porch
Even tho there was no rain and the grass became scorched
My swing was my refuge so deep in the shade
Some days from morning till dusk I stayed

Morning coffee, lunch and dinnertime meals
There were times on the porch i'd kick up my heels
Read magazines, or write, or sometimes snooze
Or just do nothing if that's what I'd choose

The long hot lazy summer days, almost gone
Maybe a few warm days will linger on
Those days I will cherish, in winter, remember
When the bone chilling winds blow in November

No, I'm not ready to say farewell to summer
Autumn is nice but winter's a bummer
I love the four seasons, they're good for haiku
But saying goodbye to summer's not what I want to do.


"WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER" - (and darned near EVERY summer)

By Bob (

Oh, how I remember the essays required by the teacher every fall, telling what we did during the summer. Every year it was the same - I delivered papers every morning, played around the house, was home at 8:30 and in bed by nine regardless, until I got my first job outside of the ten years of delivering papers every day of my life.

At age fifteen, I got a job at the local Army base, cooking hamburgers, and that took the summer very neatly, and all the school evenings as well, until I got the chance to work for the AT&SF Railroad at age 16. This particular job's hours were from 3:45 PM until 11:45 PM, seven days per week, which I did from April of my junior year until I graduated from high school.

Following graduation, I moved to the large city of Albuquerque, NM, to work the same job and the same hours until I started college in the fall. At that time the Army offered enlistees the GI Bill if they were to sign up by that particular October 2nd. Having two older brothers who had just gotten out of the service, I was encouraged by them to join the Army in order to get the benefits of the GI Bill.

I did that, having two weeks of college under my belt, and spent my time in the service, following basic training, in Japan. Upon getting out of the service, I used the amount of GI Bill to further my education, and finished up by working at my railroad job summers and all (I had retained my railroad seniority) and going to school, too.

Following my graduation from college (in the summer term), I continued with the railroad for another year, and then decided to teach school. The following summer I worked between teaching years, and the following summer came back to get my Master's degree, stretching over two summers and the academic year in between.

Since starting to teach, I used my summers, with few exceptions, to produce and direct musical comedies and plays in community theaters, and upon teacher retirement, I went into real estate (where there ARE no summers)!

Currently I use my summers the same as my winters - I teach a Music Reading class and direct a chorus at the Senior Center, and am involved in Toastmasters and occasional performance groups.

This started out to be an article about summers and what I did or do during them. In writing this, I realize that about the only definition I ever had about summer was that it was a time I only had to work and didn't have to go to school in addition.

I often wonder what it would have been like to have a summer "vacation"!


Farewell To Summer

By Sharon (

Goodbye summer
The heat was a bummer
Welcome fall
Trees, flowers and all
And little birds that are hummers


Farewell To Summer

By Swampetta (

Summer..where have you gone?
I swear I blinked and you went missing.
Thought you stepped out to the john,
Now Winter's winds are hissing.

I noticed the sun sets quickly now.
Much shorter is the day.
Into featherbeds, I'll thickly plow,
While frost comes into play.

I think the seasons are shorter to me.
The older that I get.
At least the sunlight still is free...
Or am I running up a debt?


Farewell To Summer
(Farewell to Summer, Hello Autumn)

By Phyllis Ann (

Let me ease into the Fall of the year gradually if you please.
Let me still feel some warmth in the Indian Summer breeze.

Iím not quite ready for the leaves to turn amber and red.
Let me savor my summer before Winter I have to dread.

Autumn seems to go so quickly as the trees turn black and bare.
I long for my Summer as at the bleak sky I stare.

Spring is so chancy with its rain and its hail.
Getting to Summer seems to take forever as over the months I sail.

Summer donít make a hasty retreat.
Please give me a few more days of sunshine and heat.


Farewell To Summer

By Tom (

Farewell to summer for I am tired
Tired of all the damn work.
Mow and trim, whack those weeds,
Water and then add fertilizer.

Paint the fence, trim the shrubs,
Plant more flowers and spray the trees.
Everyday more than I can do,
Always behind and canít catch up.

Hotter than hell it has been,
Every day over ninety degrees.
No rain or a gully washer,
Nothing seems to be in phase.

Went out this morning and Yahoo!
The feel of fall is in the air.
Hot damn it makes me feel good,
For the frost is a coming, that makes me happy.

Soon the trees will began to shed,
And I will be out raking leaves.
But then some snow will come,
And I will just say, hello.

Welcome fall, glad you are here,
Now maybe soon, I can rest.
Soon maybe fishing I can go,
Or even maybe go hunting I hope.

No more hot days, my butt a dragging
No more mowing, weed whacking and trimming.
Sit back and a glass of hard cider have,
Enjoy myself until, shoveling is in.


Farewell To Summer

By Barbara (

Nuts fall slowly in to the driveway now.
A sure way to say farewell to summer
The trees are changing colors not as pretty
As in years past.

Squirrels scurry about gathering their winter's stores.
We pull the old tomato plants to add to compost pile.
The last grass cutting perhaps.
Clean and made ready the cold frames.

Grandma begins to buy the fall birthday presents.
And even a few Christmas gifts.
The youngest of five grands will be walking by Christmas.
Perhaps he speaks now, just not sure which language.

As soon as the hay rides, pumpkin pickins,
It will be fall, We will carve jack-o-lanterns,
hang fake spider webs
and cardboard skeletons.

Oh yes fall is on its way.


Farewell To Summer

By Cara (

High up in the air,
birds in vee shapes in the sky,
they are traveling.
As we watch their journey South,
we mourn the end of summer.


September Comes

By Emiliano (

Sudden shifts of winds
the end of another Summer
signs of change
for a new season
a beginning to rehearsal
coming to terms with nature
with a handshake...
just as colorful as old
as we know it.

The warm feeling of September
takes up presence to welcome the Fall
with a turn in the behavior
to rake gadgets at the mall.

Meanwhile the leaves
change color
and slowly keep on falling
falling.... falling
till they all
have fallen off.


Farewell to Summer

By Norma (

The "Loss" of Summer
Hot trees sigh,
Say "Goodbye";
Drop drowsy heads,
Don Indian blankets
And crumble.

We wait for them
Through cruel winterís bleak
Know all wonít rise
In sweet springís renewal,
And we will grieve.






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