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Copy Cat

By Marilyn (

I see a story in this picture and I'm sure you do, too. I invite you to put your imagination to work and tell us what it is. A poem, musings, or a short story will work. We look forward to every entry.


Copy Cat

Swampetta (

If there is a wildcat here,
It's not the one with fur.
But it looks like the blonde
May be learning how to purr.

Valued life lessons learned
Emulate the tabby cat.
Look alert but peaceful.
Not too easy, that.

If only we could figure out,
How cats get away with so much.
With those big innocent eyes
And fur like velvet to the touch.


My Best Friend

By Joy (

I love my mom, and love my dad
My siblings are okay
But my best friend is stupendous
He's with me every day

When I am in bed and sleeping
He paces 'round the room
If don't respond quickly
He lands on the bed with a "boom"

He paces around impatiently
Rubbing fur along my face
I wake with smiles as I see him
Watching him purr and pace

I get up and get my clothes on
He follows me downstairs
We both quickly eat our breakfast
And go out the door in pairs

We see the yellow school bus
And quickly pick up the pace
The bus stops and I get on
There's disappointment on his face

"Don't worry, good friend Mr. Tiger,
I'll return in a little while
When we'll have time to play"
I tell him with a smile

Yes, my mom and dad are awesome
And my siblings are okay
But my good friend Mr. Tiger
Is the one who makes my day


Copy Cat

By Phyllis Ann (

I love you kitty, so pretty and fine.
You look like a Tiger, but you're just a friendly feline.

I love you kitty, so pretty and fine.
I can be just like you; this is how we beg to dine.

I love you kitty; are you trying to look like me?
You sit with your paws out; do you want a child to be?

I love you kitty, so pretty and fine.
You can meow, but I can only whine.

I love you kitty, so pretty and fine.
I'm so happy that you said you'd be mine.


New Great-Granddaughter

By Mikey (

I just came from my Grandson's home. His cat Mary matches your picture perfectly. He and his wife are expecting their first child in two weeks, a baby girl, so I can just see this picture depicting their baby and cat. I for one can hardly wait to become a great-grandmother for the second time as I also have a 10 year old great-grandson by my granddaughter in Florida. At least this baby will be living only 4 blocks from my house and can watch her grow up.

So much joy in having grandchildren and now great-grandchildren! Makes a persons life complete.


Copy Cat

By Amy (

i just walked into my son's room
and that quick was gone all gloom
for lo an behold, he kneeled in prayer
and along side of him was our feline so fair
they both looked so solemn and serene
i had to bite my toungue to keep from my mouth a scream
in utter shock, i stood real quiet
wishing i had a camera to catch this, cause it was a riot
i quietly backed out
and without a doubt


Copy Cat

By Cara (

Kitty cat, my pet
keeps me company all day
playful little friend

"Meow", says my cat,
as we sit and look outside.
Nearby, sits a mouse.

Purrrfect animal.
My cat is good company.
We both drink some milk.


The Kid and The Cat

By Bob (

The kid and the cat -
A matter of trust
Or maybe of love
(they never discussed)

Now think of that!
To communicate
A hand and a paw -
They get it straight!

On the porch they sat
Enjoying each other
Was nothing else
That either 'druther!

I take off my hat
To the cat and the kid
How they get along!
Wish every one did!


Copy Cat

By Jeanie (





Copy Cat

By Tom (

Ole tom he my buddy,
He is so neat
He don’t bite or scratch much,
Less I pull his tail real hard.

Me I like to watch ole tom, I does
Cause he just stretches out and
Rests a whole heap,
Momma likes it when I try to do what ole tome do.

This here ole house be pretty run down,
But not many splinters I seem to get,
Don’t get wet on the front porch,
Less the wind is a blowing hard.

When it rains and there is lightning and thunder,
Me and ole tom gets under the bed,
It do feel safter there in the dark but this ole house
Do shake when lightning strkes here abouts.

I try to pounce and jump like ole tom,
But momma say I got too much paddin.
But one of these days,
Me and ole tom,
We will get to go to school.


Copy Cat

By Tom (

We were all born in that old house, not any paint was wasted there. Just plain old board it was, Poppa was a sharecropper you see and this is where we lived for free. Well wasn’t much free back then, for poppa ran the farm for Mister Sam. Me I was the oldest you see and the day I turned seventeen, I got momma to sign and I took off across the state line. Went down to Georgia by hopping a freight train and there I did enlist.

There were eleven of us so when I left there were ten. Soon all of the children grew up and left and then poppa got killed a train derailed and momma started to take care of Uncle Sam as his wife Miss Bettye departed quite a few years ago.

Ten months after poppa died, little Samuel did show his head. Oh he was a pretty child and smart as a whip he was. Well through boot camp I did go and then they sent me down to Jacksonville, where a school about aviation I did attend and I got my GED. Then they put me and a hundred others on a plane and we were flown to Memphis. There I went to electronics school and when I finished I was assigned to Japan, but a month’s leave they gave me and I went back to where I was born and raised.

Bought me a camera I did and did a lot of pictures snap. But the thing that goggled my eyes, was when I saw little Sam there alongside that big old tom cat. Ma and Mister Sam still lived in the same old house. He rented out his own and my ma was his woman.

Had a long front porch we did, there on the front of the house. You could see across the meadow and where the river was. Well as a little boy; afore my daddy made me go to work; I would lie on that porch and dream of going to some exotic place. Well I came walking along and there lay my little brother Sam and Frank that old tom cat. Momma said Frank was worth his weight in gold for there were no mice or rats around the house or barn.

I swear little Samuel was trying to lay there like that cat. His yellow head and chubby cheeks made the two of them quite the pair. I snapped about pictures of them and some of that old clapboard house, what I knew and called my home.

I got me a job in town fixing stuff at the hardware store. Then when I got off, I would come back and work for Mister Sam and things to help my mom. Then one day I told him, “I want to buy this place and keep it. Just leave it as it be and don’t let nobody tear it down.” Well he gave me a price and I did a down payment make. So when my time was up, I out to California went. They flew me to Japan and shucks I had a ball. Seems I could fix about anything and I was known as king of the jury rigging. They made me a Cpl in California and within two months I was a Sgt. Then a year later would you believe I was a rocker given.

I took those pictures of little Sam and that cat and did some bigger ones make. Entered a photo contest I did and that picture started to win. A man from Time Life magazines gave me $33,000 for that picture. Well half of it I sent to my mom and the rest with a Gunny I invested. We bought a small beer joint, then we a small café added. Well soon another stripe they gave to me and I was a Gunny Sergeant. My momma paid of Mister Sam and I knew I had me a home. Only had one acre of ground, but by dang it was mine.

Well I still had the rest of the pictures I had taken of little Sam and that cat so into the darkroom I would go and play with those pictures I had made.

But one day all the fun did stop for the WO called me in. Seems they had some sort of program and needed 2nde LTs over in Nam. Twas not long afore, they took my stripes and gave me a gold bar and flew me off to Viet Nam. Well long story short, there were a lot of my friends, buddies and other troopers killed and soon I had railroad tracks; yes two days before I got it. Twenty two months later I with the help of two canes arrived back home; I had been given a medical discharge.

I bought a trailer and parked it in some woods about a mile from the old house, my old house. Mister Sam retired and he, momma and little Sam moved off and I bought the old run down farm. I put my trailer out back of the old house and I would sit on that front porch and wonder what on earth I was going to do. Sure I had my medical retirement but I wanted to do something. One day that old tom car from the photograph came round; and I got out those pictures and went to town and had some prints made and I framed them. I entered three in the county fair and people began asking me to take photographs of their pets and their livestock. The first place I went there was a lady housekeeper who was the spitting image of my momma. Yep we soon were married and had a son. I became a successful photog and we built a house, again leaving the old home stead clapboard house.

Yeppers I hope you are smiling for I took a picture of my son and that old tom cat and it won me a big prize. Every day I look at that son of mine trying to copy that old tom cat.


Copy Cat

By Emiliano (

A child and his cat
sharing their moment
wil never be sad
nor passive to act
whenever a window
is open and armed
with a full view


My Shadow

By Lilly (

Four years ago after Thanksgiving
my daughter and granddaughter came
to my house carrying a wiggling blanket
We all smiled and I said what have you got
A surprise for you, they said come here
Blanket was falling, out came a little kitten
Scared he was and meowed as I petted him
I picked him up and held him so close to me
The story was he got dropped off at a farm
Granddaughter not want him hurt by horses
He was so cute as a kitten could be and tiny
Tears flowed and I didn't want to put him down
He was shaking and I gave him warm milk
He smelled around, seemed to be happy here
Top half, a Maine Coon bred, bottom pure white
Oh, I named him Shadow and was just perfect
He has grown much and little fat, of course
He has killed two baby birds, a couple mice
Plays hide and seek with my dog just fine
Sleeps with me or on recliner or the sofa
Goes on cupboard but behaves very well
Looks outside a lot, loves catnip, plays wild
He is allowed outside and comes when called
A very lovable cat and I love him so much
I, always a cat lover, had him the longest time
I have his picture on my screen saver, a plus
Lots pictures taken and oh, so handsome
We have a wonderful life together up to today


Curious Innocence

By Norma (

The dreams of little boys
Both complex and simple questions hold.
Why, Mr. Tabby have your paws fur,
While pink and bare are mine?
Mr. Tabby, why?

And why does your face beam rapt confidence?
Do you know secret things that I
Must in my future learn?
Like the wonder of what you really are?
Mr. Tabby, why?

Curious our paws rest side by side,
Though you with one sure path and I
Must tread another, and lose my
Sweet curious innocence.
Mr. Tabby, why?


I Call Him Mr. J

By Mary (

Son said, "I named him, Jesus,
cause his eyes were pure & clear;
but I just can't call him, Jesus,
for Jesus is my Saviour, dear.

He does have eyes so pretty,
an unusual shade of green;
and tho' I'm not that fond of cats,
he IS special, know what I mean?

That cat sometimes seems human
he talks like humans, too;
he says, 'ooouuuut' when he
wants outside, yes, really it is true.

He climbs into my lap
if I sit down for a spell;
that boy won't take no for an
answer, 'til I scratch his,oh, so well.

Mister J gets in your face
with his "I'm the king around here" stance;
when he's feeling extra frisky
well, I'll be jigger'd, he can dance.

He's as brave as brave can be
has the scars to prove it's so;
when we open up the door
you can bet he'll try to go!

He's our son's perfect companion,
I've learned to love him, I would say;
son said, "I named him, Jesus, but

Mary Carter Mizrany
October 24, 2007


Old Cat Andy

By Connie (

Smart as a dog,
Yet lazier than sin --
Excellent mouser, and
Andy always wins.

Climbin' out of his bed,
Miguel Mouse walks about;
Comin' out of his hole,
He looks to see if Andy is out

There on his bed
Old Andy lays
Just snoozing away,
Hoping that's where he'll stay

Miguel's tummy has begun to growl,
So off to the kitchen he trots.
Spies some cheese, and oh ----
there's lots and lots !

Arousing from his sleep,
Andy awakens to a different smell
So off he goes in that direction,
Only to find it's Mouse Miguel

He charges and swats
As they ran into the hall ---
And as luck would have it,
Andy was to stumble and fall

Miguel got his feet in motion
Running as fast as they could go
He rounded the corner and
Made a bee-line for his hole

Still hungry and wanting more cheese
He'd have to find a way
To outfox ole Andy
But that'll have to be another day !



By Barbara (

He was a big male cat, black and white like a tux. He went in and out, for he loved to chase moles.

We had him a couple of years and he was a true part of our family. One evening I got in from work and Bobby was on the road's edge, dead, hit by a car. I miss him still. Now I never let our new cat outdoors. I still miss Bobby, the bob-tailed cat. Every one who knew him misses him. He was loveable and so active.

Before too long I found a baby cat who was about to be sent to the pound, and we took her in. She can't take Bob's place. She has made her own place. Now, with no teeth, she has aged and we buy special food. No one can ever take another's place. We each have our own place and gifts, given only to us. Human or pet, we each have our own place and journey to finish.






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