Sorrow follows him around.....
Churches have never been in his past.
He needs the comfort from an Angel
To ease his troubled mind.
He sat outside this church one night-----
Minutes turn into hours,
Finally the quietness draws him in.
Does he know how to pray ?
Too embarrassed to kneel,
He stands there in silence.
Who is here to help to me ?
He sees no one to show they care ~

Suddenly he sees a lady sitting in a pew !
He sits down beside her,
Perhaps I can follow her movements.
She looks up and smiles...
Is she waiting for the priest, too ?
He sees her lips moving, but hears no sound.
Is this what I'm supposed to do ?
Will God see my moving lips ?
Can he hear what my heart is saying ?
Without even making a sound,
She moves her hand to cover his.

She asks if he needs prayer.
He looks up startled and says, yes !
She begins to pray for him.
A calmness comes over him !
Who is this kind soul ?
She finishes her prayer and
He gets up to leave - turns around
To thank the lady for her prayer...
Where did she go ?
She was right here !
She touched my hand and prayed for me.
Now, she is gone....... !!

Weeks followed.......
Again he entered this same Church.
He looks around and in every isle ---
She was not here !
Am I to pray alone ?
I need her to comfort me;
I can't pray on my own.....
She was my inspiration !

He sat in the same pew and
Closed his eyes hoping she would come.
The silence was deafening when suddenly
Someone touched his hand.
He looked over and it was her !
He felt relieved she was there....
Again her lips were moving, yet
No sound could he hear.
What comfort she brought to him -----
By the gentle touch of her hand ! ~

By Connie (

Connie also created the church image.

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